20 Ton Capacity SZS Gas Fired Steam Boiler Supplier

December 13, 2022

20 tons SZS gas steam boiler is a best-selling type of steam boiler, this boiler is a double cylinder vertical chamber combustion structure, 20 tons of boiler capacity, 1.25mpa boiler rated pressure, boiler fuel natural gas, methane, gas, liquefied gas, etc.

As a SZS gas steam boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN has rich project experience. Chemical plants mainly engaged in the production of raw coal, coke, methanol, tar and other fossil fuels bought ZOZEN’s SZS gas steam boiler, which is very optimistic about the energy saving and environmental protection of this boiler. The D-type SZS gas fired boiler produces high steam quality, good sealing and heat transfer performance. Meanwhile, this equipment adopts automatic control system, which is very simple to operate, effectively avoids human operation error, and has high safety performance.

szs gas fuel water tube boiler

szs gas fuel water tube boiler

The processing of tar coke is a process of high energy consumption, dehydration, distillation and other processes. In this production process, the steam boiler provides the necessary heat energy. In order to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, SZS series gas-fired boilers use the by-product of the chemical plant coke oven gas as fuel, effectively saving a large amount of fuel costs, and recycling is more energy saving and environmental protection, in line with the green production goals and purposes of the enterprise

20 tons SZS gas steam boiler in addition to excellent for chemical plant daily production steam supply, can also be used in food factories, beverage factories, metallurgical plants, pharmaceutical factories, tanneries, printing and dyeing factories and other processing and use. The overall structure of SZS series boiler has been optimized and designed. The combustion chamber adopts narrow spacing tubular film type water wall, which has good air tightness. It can effectively reduce heat loss and improve boiler thermal efficiency to more than 98%, which is highly efficient and energy-saving for enterprises and saves boiler operation cost.

20 ton capacity gas steam boiler

20 ton capacity gas steam boiler

ZOZEN boiler is equipped with energy saver and condenser at the tail of the boiler, so that the exhaust temperature is lower than 60℃, and the heat loss caused by exhaust is effectively reduced. The boiler thermal efficiency is up to more than 98%, and the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction is achieved. Finally, ZOZEN boiler is equipped with industry-leading automatic control system, which ensures the safe and stable operation of gas-fired boiler equipment and reduces a lot of operating costs.

Not only that, ZOZEN SZS series gas steam boiler can be equipped with advanced low nitrogen burner, effectively inhibit the generation of nitrogen oxides, the NOx control in 30mg/Nm3 below, to meet the stringent environmental requirements, to achieve green production for enterprises. In addition to 20 tons SZS gas steam boiler and 20 tons to 110 tons of various specifications of oil and gas boiler products, if you have needs at any time to contact our online customer service consultation.

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