20 Ton Biomass Fuel Boiler in Thailand

December 14, 2020

20 tons biomass fuel boiler include steam boilers and hot water boilers, in general, steam boilers in industrial production is more widely used, hot water boilers are mainly used in heating and domestic water. Auxiliary equipment of industrial biomass boiler includes blower, induced draft fan, secondary fan, electric control cabinet, feed water pump, water treatment, slag eliminator, coal loader, instrument, chimney, etc. According to the actual production needs of users can choose different auxiliary products, finally combined with the local environmental protection requirements to see whether to add desulfurization denitration and other environmental protection equipment, then the price of 20 tons of biomass boiler is different with the boiler configuration.

20 ton biomass fuel boiler

20 ton biomass fuel boiler

Biomass boiler is a boiler fueled by biomass, biomass fuel as a renewable energy, its main raw materials for agricultural and forestry waste, such as straw, branches, leaves, sawdust, rice husks, palm shells and so on. Biomass molding particles do not contain any additives, low moisture content, high density, conducive to the full combustion of fuel, clean environment.

Biomass Fuel Boiler Advantages

  1. According to the characteristics of high volatile content of biomass fuel and low ignition temperature, the design of large furnace chamber matches the new furnace arch to achieve full combustion efficiency and prevent coking;
  2. Reasonably configure the secondary fan, with sufficient and uniform air distribution to enhance the combustion effect;
  3. The unique design of the ash falling hole and ash cleaning device, easy to clean, avoid coking;
  4. Equipped with material locking device to effectively prevent fuel backfiring;
  5. According to the biomass fuel type, customized design furnace arch, grate;

DZL Biomass Boilers in Printing and Dyeing Industry

A large amount of steam heat source is needed for dyeing and finishing, drying, pressing and shaping in textile enterprises. DZL series biomass steam boiler of Zhongzheng Boiler is a vertical chain grate boiler with excellent safety performance. The extremely low water level electrode can effectively prevent the extremely low water level from causing boiler water shortage accident in manual mode operation and strengthen the safety protection of water level control. At the same time, when the system pressure exceeds the specified value, the spring-loaded safety valve will automatically open pressure relief, so as to ensure that the boiler system will not cause accidents due to high pressure. In addition, zhongzheng DZL series biomass boiler chain grate is manufactured by our factory, before factory are through 72 hours of test run, to ensure that the fire grate tightness is moderate and not deviated, coupled with the scientific furnace arch design, reasonable distribution of air and speed of the speed regulator box, to ensure the full combustion of biomass pellet fuel and the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler.

biomass-fired steam boiler

biomass-fired steam boiler

Our biomass boiler products are DZL, SZL, DHL and SHL four series, these boiler products are suitable for different industrial production needs, and exported to Bangladesh, Russia, Indonesia and other 86 countries and regions! If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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