2 Ton Industrial Steam Boiler Price

January 8, 2020

With the rapid development of enterprises in recent years, the models commonly used in production and processing include 1 ton, 2 ton, 4 ton, and 6 ton gas boilers (including fuel oil and gas) as fuel. Gas boilers are one of the equipment needed by enterprises in the future.

The flame of 2 ton gas boiler is burned in the large combustion chamber with a slight positive pressure, fully extended, the combustion heat load is low, and the NOx emission of harmful substances is small. The structure of the corrugated furnace tube and the threaded flue pipe not only improves the strength, but also meets the needs of thermal expansion of each part.


2 ton industrial steam boilers


1. Space-saving
The condenser is integrated with the rear smoke box, which further reduces the total volume of the boiler; there is no need to set a variety of auxiliary equipment in the boiler room, the system is simple, the overall area is small, and the investment cost is low. Modular operation mode can realize one system to control multiple boilers and auxiliary machines. Through the joint control and coordination of intelligent software, it is easy to adjust the matching mode of boiler units and reduce the overall space.

2. Strong Scale Capacity
Cooling water circulates outside the heat transfer tube, which is not easy to scale and easy to clean; Large volume design, long-term operation keeps the heat exchange efficiency without attenuation, and it is convenient for cooling water to circulate and difficult to scale.

3. Efficient and Low Emissions
Using full premixed combustion technology, air and gas pre-mixing and surface combustion methods make combustion more complete, higher combustion efficiency, NOx emissions less than 18mg / m3; processing without welding seam bending, once molding, blocking air from entering , Improve heat exchange efficiency; large volume design, fast heat exchange speed, thermal efficiency can reach 105.5%.

4. Long Lasting
Adopting high thermal conductivity aluminum-silicon alloy material, the pressure components are more resistant to corrosion and higher strength; the heat medium water circulating in the boiler is deoxidized and descaled, and the filling is completed once before leaving the factory, without loss, no replenishment, and furnace No fouling and corrosion inside the body, and the service life is more than twice that of ordinary boilers.


2 ton industrial steam boilers


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