2 Million Kcal Diesel Thermal Oil Boiler in Malaysia

December 28, 2020

Diesel thermal oil boiler is the star product of Wuxi ZOZEN boiler manufacturer. It adopts advanced flue gas condensation technology, uses flue gas waste heat utilization +FGR+ full premix and other advanced combustion technologies, and is an excellent product in line with environmental protection standards in the boiler industry. For food processing, medical disinfection, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, paper, chemical products processing and other industries to provide high quality, stable heat source.

2 million kcal diesel thermal oil boiler

2 million kcal diesel thermal oil boiler

Oil-fired thermal oil heater produced by ZOZEN boiler has the characteristics of compact structure, reasonable layout and energy saving. This boiler has large water capacity, strong load adaptability, adopts the combustion mode of mechanized grate layer, and has good fuel combustion effect and high thermal efficiency. Boiler product technology, performance, environmental protection indicators have reached the international advanced level. Provide customers with more complete installation and commissioning technical guidance throughout the project, so that the boiler operation saves worry and effort.

2 Million Kcal YQW series Boiler in Food Factory

The food factory adopts the advanced “physical high temperature deacidification” second generation technology combined with the traditional process, in which the stable heat source provided by the boiler meets the high temperature requirement of the production line. The customer’s food factory adopts advanced automatic production line, so it is in urgent need to introduce high efficiency and energy saving boiler equipment, and use clean energy diesel fuel. After a series of investigation on the boiler market, the customer chose ZOZEN Boiler to be the boiler supplier.

In order to meet the different temperature requirements of the production line, ZOZEN boiler customized YQW series heat-conducting oil boiler. Horizontal YQW series boiler adopts the design of forced circulation three-return circular tube, with sufficient heating surface and the addition of energy saving device at the end of the furnace body to greatly reduce the loss of heat energy, with the thermal efficiency up to over 95%. At the same time, this series of boilers are equipped with advanced low nitrogen combustion machine, which can achieve low emission of NOx≤30mg/Nm3; And the boiler is shipped out of the factory as a whole, boiler components to the site after being in place, only need to be connected with ventilation electricity can be put into operation, greatly reducing the boiler installation cost.

horizontal yqw thermal oil boiler

horizontal yqw thermal oil boiler

Industrial Diesel Thermal Oil Heaters Price

  1. Firstly, determine the fuel. According to the fuel, industrial thermal conductivity oil boiler can be divided into gas thermal oil boilers, oil thermal oil heater and biomass thermal oil boiler, etc. Different burners with different fuel configurations have different prices.
  2. Secondly, determine the model. The model parameters include pressure, power and thermal efficiency. Different boiler type power is different, heating quantity is different, the price is also different.
  3. Finally determine the structure, the industrial heat conduction oil boiler has vertical and horizontal structure, the structure is different, the price is different, which involves more professional problems, not simply or standing, and then detailed introduction.


Wuxi ZOZEN boiler Plant has always taken the research and development of new products as the strategic focus, and vigorously improved the research and development, testing and production of gas boiler technology products, and accelerated the development and large-scale production of gas boiler technology products. With the hard work of the company’s staff for many years, ZOZEN boiler’s gas boiler equipment is trusted by both new and old customers at home and abroad. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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