15 Tons Oil Gas Fired Boiler Price

May 9, 2022

15 ton oil gas boiler price is based on a combination of boiler model, brand, configuration and other aspects. 15tons boiler produced by ZOZEN includes SZS15-1.25-Q, WNS15-1.25-Q, which provide 15 tons of steam per hour for enterprise production with a rated pressure of 1.25 MPa. WNS series oil gas boiler is a horizontal fire tube boiler with stable operation, high thermal efficiency and compact structure, and the automatic control system effectively helps enterprises save maintenance costs.

fire tube boiler with gas oil fuel

fire tube boiler with gas oil fuel

Oil gas boilers can be used not only for industrial production, but also for domestic heating and hot water supply. 15 ton steam boilers can heat 24,000-30,000 square meters, and this WNS series condensing boiler with reasonable overall structural design, high thermal efficiency, no noise and pollution-free use has become the preferred furnace type in the production of various industries. As industrial equipment, safety is a very important aspect in the purchase process, ZOZEN’s industrial boilers are equipped with perfect safety protection devices to achieve automatic control of water level and alarm of dangerously low water level and furnace stop; automatic control of steam pressure and alarm of overpressure; automatic ignition of the boiler, automatic adjustment of burner fire and flameout protection to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

15 Ton Three-Pass Gas Steam Boiler for Concrete Manufacturing

Steam boilers provide high temperature steam for concrete manufacturing process to improve the performance of concrete, so the quality of steam will directly affect the quality of concrete products. The 2 sets of WNS series gas-fired steam boilers purchased by the customer are one of ZOZEN’s hot-selling furnace models. The boilers adopt horizontal internal combustion, pot shell type, three-return wet-back structure and are equipped with advanced domestic and foreign burners to ensure full combustion of fuel. After the boilers were put into operation for a period of time, the customer indicated that the two sets of 15 ton gas steam boilers produced high quality steam with sufficient output and low water content to meet the production needs of the company. The cooperation with ZOZEN Boiler was very smooth, and the service team did their best for the project, and provided on-site guidance and training after the boilers were installed, which was very professional.

condensing gas oil steam boiler

condensing gas oil steam boiler

15 tph Gas Fuel Tube Boiler Used in Dairy Plant

The production and processing of dairy products requires a large amount of steam for food distillation, sterilization and drying processes, so the quality of the steam boiler largely affects the quality of the product. The dairy plant project required the purchase of a natural gas steam boiler mainly to meet the project’s production heat and winter heating heat needs. ZOZEN’s technical team recommended a 15 tph WNS series gas-fired steam boiler for the customer. This boiler is designed with a large furnace chamber, which has sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, low steam water content, and high steam output quality. The advanced low-NOx burner enables the fuel to be burned more fully, effectively reducing NOx emissions.

As a oil and gas boilers manufacturer, ZOZEN Boiler has accumulated rich service experience in more than 30 years, providing high quality 1 ton – 110 ton capacity steam boilers for textile mills, food factories, chemical plants, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants and other domestic and foreign enterprises. If your project is looking for the right industrial steam boiler, you can contact online customer service directly, or email and WhatsApp for free quotation and detailed product information.

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