15 Ton Condensing Gas Boilers in Myanmar

December 23, 2020

Condensing gas boilers adopts unique condensing technology to make maximum use of the heat generated by combustion. Advanced technology is used to fully mix fuel and air to make fuel burn fully and provide sufficient power for the boiler. Meanwhile, the heat in the export flue gas is recovered to the maximum. Condensation technology is a new energy saving and environmental protection technology. Its principle is not complicated. The simple generalization is to recover the heat energy in flue gas through condensation. In a traditional boiler, the exhaust temperature is generally 160~250℃, or even higher, so that the water generated by fuel combustion is in the flue gas in the superheated state of steam, along with the flue gas from the chimney loss.

condensing gas boiler

condensing gas boiler

ZOZEN condensing gas boilers with condensing technology, and their combustion efficiency can reach 98%, while conventional gas boilers can only achieve 85%~91%. The combustion efficiency of gas-fired boiler directly determines its gas consumption, and the improvement of the thermal efficiency of gas-fired boiler will greatly save fuel. Gas consumption of the 15-ton SZS natural gas boiler: the maximum gas consumption of the 1-ton natural gas boiler is about 75 cubic meters per hour, which can produce 600,000 Kcal heat. A 2-ton gas-fired boiler consumes 150 cubic meters of natural gas per hour, and so on; a 15-ton gas-fired boiler consumes about 1,125 cubic meters per hour.

Condensing Gas Boiler in Food Industry

High temperature steam is indispensable to the production of concentrated juice. Steam boiler is important and indispensable heating equipment in the production line of concentrated juice. The stability and quality of steam generated play a very important role in the purity and output of concentrated juice. In order to further improve the processing capacity of fruit and vegetable juice and reduce the energy consumption in the production process, juice Beverage Co., Ltd. decided to introduce high-performance industrial boiler equipment.

According to the actual use demand of juice production line, ZOZEN boiler has designed the SZS series gas-fired boiler system scheme with high efficiency and energy saving for customers. The series gas boiler adopts full-film wall structure, which has good air tightness and reduces heat loss. With the design of the large furnace and the energy-saving device at the end of the flue, the comprehensive thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%, which is superior to the national first-grade energy efficiency standard. At the same time, SZS series gas-fired steam boiler adopts advanced control system to ensure the stable output of high-quality steam, which further improves the enterprise’s overall fruit and vegetable juice processing capacity on the basis of ensuring production and reducing energy consumption.

horizontal szs gas-fired boiler

horizontal szs gas-fired boiler

ZOZEN’s gas-fired boilers include WNS gas-fired boilers, SZS gas-fired boilers and vacuum boilers, all of which are condensing gas-fired boilers. For more information about condensing gas-fired boilers and their prices, you can directly contact our online customer service and email zhulin@zozen.com. Our customer service staff is available 24 hours a day and 7*24 hours a day.

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