10 Ton Steam Boiler Price in Pakistan

January 17, 2023

The steam boiler price is affected by many factors. The higher the rated steam pressure of a 10 ton steam boiler requires different process technology, materials, and stress. Furthermore, steam temperature is a factor that affects the pressure. The higher the output steam temperature, the higher the steam pressure, and the different technology and material requirements. ZOZEN gas boilers can use a variety of gas fuels such as natural gas, biogas, gas, LPG, etc. The different fuels used and the different burners configured have an impact on 10 ton steam boiler price.

ZOZEN gas fired steam boiler

ZOZEN gas fired steam boiler

ZOZEN boiler production of industrial gas steam boilers in product technology, performance and environmental performance have outstanding advantages, by various industries users love and praise, WNS series 10 tons gas fired boiler is a hot-selling furnace type, is widely used in chemical, food, printing and dyeing, textile, feed, building materials, rubber, pharmaceutical and other industries. Of course, the specific boiler capacity still needs to be selected according to the actual needs of the enterprise production process.

The ZOZEN industrial steam boiler project in Pakistan has been successfully completed with this WNS series fire tube steam boiler operating steadily. As a well-known garment supplier in Pakistan, the customer needed to purchase a new steam boiler to provide high-quality steam for multiple processes in the denim production process. ZOZEN gas-fired steam boiler adopts three-return wet-back structure, and the combustion chamber adopts large diameter corrugated hearth, which increases the combustion space, ensures the full combustion of fuel and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler. the thermal efficiency of WNS series boiler can reach 98%.

10 ton industrial steam boiler price

10 ton industrial steam boiler price

WNS type ultra-low nitrogen gas boiler’s NOx emission is much lower than 30mg/m3, which is very much in line with the new environmental protection policy issued by the state at present, and also meets the market demand. At the same time, the internal corrugated furnace liner maximizes the radiating heating surface, improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler, and better saves the operating cost of the boiler later.

Since ZOZEN was established more than 30 years ago, we have continuously upgraded our manufacturing technology, upgraded our production equipment, and 6 automated production to effectively ensure the production efficiency and quality of boilers. the quality and service of ZOZEN boilers are widely recognized by customers both at home and abroad, please feel free to contact us for more information through online inquiry.

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