10 Ton Steam Boiler Dual Fuel Price

April 29, 2022

ZOZEN, a 10 ton steam boiler manufacturer, has an advanced manufacturing process, with 80% automated production in the production base, and precise control of each manufacturing process. Each boiler product manufactured by ZOZEN is subject to 100% strict inspection to ensure it is of high quality. As ZOZEN’s most mature product, the 10-ton oil and gas boiler provides stable steam for many companies in the food, chemical, and heating industries.

After a detailed analysis of the actual needs of the food factory production line, ZOZEN’s engineers customized the WNS series gas boiler for the customer free of charge. This boiler adopts a large diameter corrugated furnace gall, together with the internationally advanced low-NOx burner, which can effectively reduce NOx emissions while ensuring full combustion of the fuel; at the same time, in order to improve the customer’s efficiency and save costs for the customer, ZOZEN boiler also added condenser, energy saver and other corresponding energy-saving equipment at the end of the flue of the customer’s 10 ton natural gas boiler, lowering the exhaust temperature to 60 degrees.

oil gas boiler finished installation

oil gas boiler finished installation

ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired steam boiler adopts the three-way structure of corrugated furnace and threaded flue pipe, which prolongs the residence time of high temperature flue gas in the furnace and improves the heat exchange efficiency. The coal saver and condenser installed at the end of the boiler increase the overall efficiency of the boiler to 98%. The WNS series boilers adopt advanced low NOx combustion technology, which can reduce NOx emission to below 30mg / Nm 3, fully meeting the strict local NOx emission standards. At present, WNS series boilers are favored by enterprises in various industries for their high thermal efficiency and good environmental effects, and are the star products of ZOZEN boilers.

10 ton dual fuel boiler price mainly includes several parts such as main engine, auxiliary engine, installation cost and freight. Different manufacturers, different forms of operation, different materials selected for different furnace configurations, so the price varies. Among them, the host cost is relatively fixed, the auxiliary engine cost depends on the configuration of the high and low, installation costs and freight costs to negotiate with the manufacturer.

natural gas boiler in food plant

natural gas boiler in food plant

Gas steam boiler sales generally include the boiler body and auxiliary equipment. The auxiliary equipment mainly includes control cabinet, burner, pump, chimney, water treatment equipment, energy saver, condenser, etc. ZOZEN focuses on R&D and manufacturing of energy-saving and environment-friendly boilers for more than 30 years, and industrial boiler products have many successful cases in food, chemical, feed, heating, rubber and other industries, and have also won the unanimous praise from customers. If you need to purchase boilers, you can get free boiler system solution and quotation through email, WhatsApp, online customer service, and our engineers are always ready to serve you.

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