10 Ton Gas Fuel Water Tube Boiler Supplier

January 26, 2023

The model number of gas fuel 10 ton water tube boiler is SZS10-1.25-Q. This SZS series natural gas boiler is a double pot longitudinal type “D” type arrangement quick installation water tube boiler. It is equipped with automatic oil and gas burner and advanced PLC computer control system, with automatic continuous water supply, programmed ignition, proportional pressure and temperature control combustion, flame out protection, various alarms, chain protection, graphic operation interface, large screen keyboard operation and other contemporary automation technology.

This SZS series gas boiler has the advantages of adequate combustion, non-polluting emission, convenient operation, easy installation, etc.; the boiler has high thermal efficiency, high output, strong load adaptability, high automation, easy operation, safe and reliable operation, which is an ideal high-efficiency, low-consumption, low-pollution green and environmentally friendly product.

industrial gas water tube steam boiler

industrial gas water tube steam boiler

ZOZEN Boiler has designed and supplied a SZS series gas-fired steam boiler system for the production of new thermoset laminates, which provides stable and high-quality steam for the production of thermoset laminates. This series of boiler adopts the double boiler longitudinal room-fired D-type structure, and the design of full-film water-cooled wall ensures the quality and sealing reliability of the boiler body. Before leaving the factory, ZOZEN boilers will conduct a hydraulic test to check the strength and tightness of each pressure-bearing part of SZS series boilers to ensure the top quality of boilers.

In addition, the boiler adopts advanced burner to ensure full combustion of fuel, and at the same time, it is equipped with energy saver and condenser to reduce the temperature of boiler exhaust and increase the temperature of boiler feed water in order to save fuel and thus improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. SZS series gas water tube boiler has a large capacity range, which is suitable for medium and large enterprises to produce steam.

shipment of ZOZEN water tube boiler

shipment of ZOZEN water tube boiler

With mature technology and experienced projects in gas water tube boiler production, ZOZEN can provide customers with one-stop boiler system solution design services, from boiler selection, auxiliary equipment configuration, boiler transportation, installation, and training of operating personnel. If you are looking for strong industrial gas boiler suppliers, welcome to contact us through online inquiry for more information about ZOZEN boiler plants and products.

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