10-ton Coal-fired Steam Boiler Exported to Indonesian Corrugated Paper Factory

March 27, 2024

Available industries:Paper Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:10 tph


10-ton Coal-fired Steam Boiler Exported to Indonesian Corrugated Paper Factory

10-ton Coal-fired Steam Boiler Exported to Indonesian Corrugated Paper Factory


ZOZEN Boiler has successfully delivered an SZL series 10-ton coal-fired steam boiler to Semarang, Indonesia. The boiler is currently undergoing installation and commissioning at a corrugated paper factory to cater to its production line requirements.

Previously, the corrugated paper factory relied on a second-hand boiler. However, due to the growing market demand and the expansion of their production scale, the outdated equipment failed to meet the current production needs. Consequently, the factory made the decision to invest in a steam boiler with a stable output.

Taking into account the specific fuel characteristics of the user, ZOZEN Boiler carefully selected a flake type grate for this boiler system. The flake type grate features narrow gaps, preventing even the smallest fuel fragments from falling through and ensuring complete combustion of coal. This design enhances combustion efficiency and eliminates fuel wastage.

Furthermore, the small gaps in the grate design facilitate thorough contact between coal and air, resulting in a more uniform coal combustion process. This minimizes the occurrence of local overheating or unburned portions, further improving combustion efficiency.

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