10 Ton 12 Bar Gas Oil Fired Boiler Application

May 26, 2022

10 ton boiler refers to the boiler product with rated evaporation capacity of 16 tons per hour. It is a best-selling boiler and is favored by the majority of users. Oil gas steam boiler is one of the industrial boilers that are widely used in industrial production, no matter it is oil  gas boiler used in paper mill, woolen mill, garment factory, leather factory or other industrial production sites.

SZS series 10ton oil gas boiler

SZS series 10ton oil gas boiler

10 Tph 12 Bar Gas Boiler Project Introduction:
Applicable industry: cable industry | program rated output: 16 tons
Wires and cables are made of copper and aluminum, which are made by drawing, twisting and cladding, the more complex the model and specification, the higher the repeatability. These three processes include mixing, extrusion, and vulcanization, which are essential to the steam demand in the cable manufacturing process, and the temperature control is also quite strict.

ZOZEN boiler has served much wire and cable manufacturers in China and has rich project experience in this industry. It is understood that in the cable extrusion process, the temperature is too high is easy to burn, the temperature is too low is not easy to glue; in the vulcanization process, too low temperature tends to produce bubbles; too high temperature tends to produce pores. The temperature and pressure requirements of each process are different, so the control of temperature and pressure should be precise and adjustable. This makes cable production very demanding on the steam system. Through the statistical analysis of the customer cases of ZOZEN boiler, it is found that WNS series and SZS series condensing gas boilers have higher application frequency for wire and cable production enterprises with high requirements on steam boiler control system and enhanced environmental protection awareness. Such as a wire and cable enterprise annual output of 600 million meters, ZOZEN boiler technical personnel according to the production requirements and environmental standards for its recommended 10 tons SZS series gas boiler used in the production, not only run mechanization and automation degree is higher, has strong adaptability of different fuels, energy conservation and environmental protection effect is better.

accessories of gas fired boiler

accessories of gas fired boiler

Oil Gas Fuel Steam Boiler Project Advantage:

  1. Good energy-saving and environmental protection effect: Compared with coal-fired boilers, the fuel used is cleaner and more efficient, with better energy-saving and emission-reduction effect, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection.
  2. Fuel has strong adaptability: WNS series and SZS series steam boilers researched and developed by ZOZEN Boiler have large furnace sizes, which provide conditions for full combustion of fuel. Therefore, they have strong adaptability to different fuels.
  3. High degree of automation, easy to operate: advanced steam boiler automatic controller, full Chinese LCD screen, man-machine interface, the user only need to easily set, the boiler can start and stop according to user requirements, load regulation, automatic water supply and other automatic operation.

ZOZEN is one of the top quality steam boiler manufacturers in Jiangsu province, China. With class A boiler manufacturing license and Class A pressure vessel design and manufacturing license, passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ASME S & ASME U (Pressure Vessel) certification.

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