ZOZEN Boiler: a Leading Boiler Maker in Australia

December 1, 2023

As a renowned boiler maker in Australia, ZOZEN Boiler has established itself as a reliable and innovative provider of high-quality industrial boilers. With a strong commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, ZOZEN Boiler has become a trusted partner for various industries, offering cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, sustainability, and productivity.

Being a well-known domestic industrial boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN Boiler has firmly established itself with a long-term vision for development. Currently, ZOZEN Boiler holds an A-level boiler manufacturing license and is certified with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards for “S” (Power Boilers) and “U” (Pressure Vessels), as well as obtaining certifications such as CE, EAC, and IBR. ZOZEN Boiler’s high-quality boilers are known for their safety, reliability, high efficiency, and low fuel consumption, and are exported to more than 100 countries and regions including Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Chile, and the United Arab Emirates.

High-Quality Products:

ZOZEN Boiler, the leading boiler maker in Australia, takes pride in its wide range of boiler offerings, including the WNS series horizontal internal combustion boiler, and the SZS series horizontal double-drum boiler. These series are meticulously designed to deliver exceptional performance, with thermal efficiencies exceeding 98% and NOx emissions as low as 30mg/Nm³. Each boiler is engineered to ensure automatic and safe operation, providing peace of mind for Australian industries.

SZS series horizontal double-drum boilers

                                  SZS series horizontal double-drum boilers

Unparalleled Expertise:

With a solid foundation of comprehensive capabilities, ZOZEN Boiler, the premier boiler maker in Australia, stands out as a leader in the industry. The company’s advanced manufacturing processes, such as precision plate cutting, tube bending, and drilling, guarantee the highest standards of quality. By employing state-of-the-art CNC technology, ZOZEN Boiler reduces assembly stress and extends the operational lifespan of its boilers. Stringent quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process, with seven checkpoints overseen by dedicated inspectors to ensure every boiler meets rigorous standards.

Customized Boiler Solutions:

ZOZEN Boiler, the prominent boiler maker in Australia, understands that each customer has unique requirements. With a customer-centric approach, the company offers fully customized boiler systems tailored to specific needs. By leveraging ZOZEN Boiler’s expertise, businesses can achieve significant cost savings, with fuel cost reductions of over 700,000 CNY per year for a single 10T/H boiler. Moreover, ZOZEN Boiler provides professional boiler room layout services, ensuring that the boiler installation is not only efficient but also visually appealing.

International Recognition:

ZOZEN Boiler’s commitment to excellence has earned it a reputation beyond Australian borders. The company has successfully expanded its presence in various regions, including Pakistan, Australia, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan, where it has established service centers. This global reach allows ZOZEN Boiler to provide prompt technical consultations, project planning, and installation guidance, ensuring customers receive comprehensive and top-notch service worldwide.

Being a leading boiler maker in Australia, ZOZEN Boiler has built a solid foundation of trust and reliability in the industry. With its high-quality products, unparalleled expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, ZOZEN Boiler continues to empower Australian industries by providing efficient, sustainable, and customized boiler solutions.

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