Safety and Maintenance of Biomass Hot Water Horizontal Boilers

December 20, 2019

Biomass hot water horizontal boiler is a high temperature, high pressure thermal energy equipment, is one of the special equipment, once the accident, involving public security, will give the country and people’s lives and property caused huge losses. The following safety matters should be paid attention to when using biomass boiler:


SZL Biomass hot water horizontal boiler


1. When the biomass boiler leaves the factory, it shall be accompanied by the design document required by the safety technical specification, product quality certificate, safety and service instruction, and supervision and inspection certificate.

2. Installation, maintenance and transformation of biomass fired boiler. Units engaged in the installation, maintenance and transformation of boilers shall obtain the qualification certificate for the installation and maintenance of special equipment issued by the provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision before engaging in the installation, maintenance and transformation of boilers.

3. Biomass boiler construction after the completion of the construction unit to the quality and technical supervision bureau of special equipment inspection report boiler hydraulic test and installation supervision.

4. After the acceptance of the boiler, the user shall fill in the boiler (general survey) registration form in accordance with the special equipment registration and use management rules, register with the quality and technical supervision bureau, and apply for the registration certificate for the safe use of special equipment.

5. The operation of the boiler must be operated by the certificated personnel who have been trained and qualified and have obtained the certificate of special equipment operation personnel, and the operation rules, eight rules and six records must be strictly observed during the operation.

6. The boiler shall be inspected regularly once a year and the boiler that has not been inspected regularly for safety shall not be used. The safety valve of the safety accessory of the boiler shall be regularly inspected once a year, and the pressure gauge shall be inspected once every six months. The safety accessory without regular inspection shall not be used.




1. in order to make the biomass boiler can be sustained safe and economic operation must be in daily use, to strengthen the maintenance of biomass boiler.

2. timely eliminate running, risk, drop, leakage phenomenon.

3. Regularly oil the exposed valve, lock bolt and other movable parts to prevent biting.

4. Fall off the insulation layer to repair in time.

5. The biomass boiler shall be inspected internally and externally once a year.

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