Overview of Industrial Boiler Prices

September 21, 2023

Part 1: Understanding Factors Influencing Industrial Boiler Prices

Industrial boilers play a vital role in various applications, offering efficient heat generation and steam production for a wide range of industries. These boilers are available in different types, including fuel oil/gas boilers, biomass boilers, and coal-fired boilers.

Boiler Type and Size: Different types and sizes of industrial boilers have significant price variations. Larger capacity boilers typically require more materials and manufacturing requirements, resulting in higher industrial boiler prices.

Efficiency and Technology: Boilers with higher efficiency and advanced combustion and heat recovery technologies generally have higher initial costs. However, their improved energy efficiency can lead to significant long-term savings in fuel consumption.

Fuel Type: Cost differences among different fuel types can affect the overall industrial boiler prices. Fuel oil/gas boilers may require higher initial investments, depending on the regional supply and pricing of fuels, while biomass or coal-fired boilers may have lower initial costs.

Additional Features and Customization: Optional features such as advanced control systems, emissions reduction mechanisms, and automation capabilities can impact the overall cost of the boiler. Customization requirements specific to the industry’s needs may also influence industrial boiler prices.

Maintenance and Services: Maintenance costs and after-sales services have some impact on the price and overall cost-effectiveness of industrial boilers. Reliable after-sales support and maintenance services can reduce downtime and maintenance expenses.

Part 2: ZOZEN Boiler’s Product Range and Added Value

ZOZEN Boiler offers a comprehensive lineup of industrial boilers designed to meet diverse industry requirements while ensuring cost-effectiveness and performance.

2.1 Fuel Oil/Gas Boilers:

ZOZEN Boiler’s fuel oil/gas boilers provide reliable and efficient heat generation for industrial applications. With a focus on durability, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance, these boilers offer exceptional value for industries looking for a reliable heating solution, so as to get advantages in industrial boiler prices.

ZOZEN WNS series Oil/Gas-fired Steam Boiler

                                 6-ton WNS series Oil/Gas-fired Steam Boiler

6-ton WNS series Oil/Gas-fired Steam Boiler

WNS series Oil/Gas-fired Steam Boiler(capacity: 1-20t/h)

Automatic safe operation: Boiler iot + remote control + expert management

System thermal efficiency > 98%: corrugated furnace bladder + threaded smoke pipe to improve heat transfer efficiency, energy saver and condenser to reduce the exhaust temperature

Easy operation and maintenance: Advanced control system can achieve unattended

Environmental protection and energy saving: Using low nitrogen burner and advanced low nitrogen combustion technology, NOx emission ≤30mg/Nm³

2.2 Biomass Boilers:

ZOZEN Boiler’s biomass boilers excel in sustainability and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing renewable fuel sources, they offer a greener alternative while maintaining high energy efficiency. These boilers are known for their robust construction, reliable performance, and low emissions, making them an excellent choice for industries seeking environmentally friendly options. ZOZEN Boiler is able to optimize industrial boiler prices in all-round way.

ZOZEN DZL series third generation biomass boiler adopts the new three-pot cylinder “A” structure, which is convenient for boiler ash discharge and reduce ash accumulation, and ensure the long-term stable operation of the boiler. At the same time, the furnace height of the boiler is increased by 1-3 meters compared with the traditional design, so that the non-formed biomass fuel can be fully burned, and the thermal efficiency is further improved.

2.3 Coal-Fired Boilers:

ZOZEN Boiler’s coal-fired boilers combine traditional technology with modern advancements in combustion efficiency and emissions control. These boilers are engineered to deliver reliable heat and steam generation while adhering to stringent environmental regulations. We provide a cost-effective solution for industries with access to abundant and affordable coal resources.

SZL series coal-fired steam boiler(capacity: 4-35 t/h)

Wide fuel adaptability: suitable for bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite and other coal

Adequate fuel combustion: the design of the central chain grate and the independent air bunker ensures adequate fuel combustion

Thermal efficiency≥82% : the furnace adopts the water-cooled wall tube structure with close row arrangement, and the radiation area is large

Easy operation: advanced control system, high degree of automation of fuel supply, ash and slag operation

ZOZEN Boiler distinguishes us by offering advanced control systems and comprehensive after-sales services. Our state-of-the-art control systems optimize boiler performance, ensuring maximum efficiency and reduced operating costs. Additionally, our dedicated customer support and maintenance services minimize downtime and maintenance expenses, further enhancing the overall cost-effectiveness of our products.

Any questions on the industrial boiler prices, we are happy to answer anytime. By considering the specific needs of each industry and offering a range of fuel options, ZOZEN Boiler aims to deliver superior value and performance to our customers.

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