Oil Gas Fired Water Tube Boiler 40 Ton

October 31, 2022

The oil gas fired water tube boiler is suitable for medium and large production enterprises to use. Among the many cooperation projects of ZOZNE, SZS series water tube boiler is welcomed by the customers in paper mill industry and runs stably in the paper production line, providing high quality steam for the production line of paper mill. This steam boiler adopts more than 95% automatic welding equipment, and each boiler is flaw-proofed before leaving the factory to ensure 100% passing rate, effectively guaranteeing high quality boilers. SZS series oil gas boilers have capacities in the range of 10 tons to 160 tons, which can meet the demand of large evaporation capacity.

oil gas fired water tube boiler

oil gas fired water tube boiler

Industrial boilers have long been the core equipment in paper mill production lines. High temperature steam provides the heat source for the production processes such as steaming and drying, and at the same time, an energy efficient boiler system is very important in order to improve economic efficiency. In response to the boiler needs of the paper industry, ZOZEN Boiler has summarized its experience and designed several sets of energy efficient and low emission boiler solutions for paper industry users. Among them, the SZS series gas boilers produced by ZOZEN can reach a maximum capacity of 160t/h, meeting the needs of many household paper manufacturers by virtue of their large size.

This 40 ton gas water tube boiler adopts full membrane wall structure D-type arrangement with large furnace chamber space to ensure full combustion of fuel and good gas tightness; At the same time, the furnace body adopts high-quality aluminosilicate fiber and refractory mud insulation to control the furnace temperature below 45℃ and effectively control the heat loss; together with the additional energy-saving device at the end of the flue, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is increased to over 98%.

40 tons gas fired steam boiler

40 tons gas fired steam boiler

At the same time, SZS series gas boilers also have the advantage of convenient operation. The advanced PLC computer control system, with automatic continuous water loading, programmed ignition, proportional pressure and temperature control combustion, various safety interlock protection and other automation technologies, not only reduce the operation and maintenance costs for enterprises, but also after strict monitoring, SZS series gas boilers can achieve low nitrogen emissions, easily meeting environmental protection standards for paper mills.

In response to the differences in production scale and actual needs of different household paper producers, ZOZEN boilers can provide each customer with a free customized boiler system solution that not only meets the stringent environmental standards of the paper industry, but also advances the development of the entire paper industry. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact ZOZEN through online consultation, WhatsApp, email, etc. Engineers will provide you with one-on-one consulting services.

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