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November 6, 2020

Industrial steam boiler as important power machinery equipment, it is the use of fuel combustion or other forms of energy heat energy, water heating into steam mechanical equipment. The steam boiler in industrial production is mostly saturated steam, steam temperature is generally higher than hot water and through pressure, and steam can reach a higher temperature. Generally, the steam temperature under 1.0Mpa is 184℃. As steam can heat hot water or other media through heat exchange, steam boilers can be used in more fields than hot water boilers, and play a very important role in China’s national economy.

WNS indsutrial steam boiler

WNS indsutrial steam boiler

Steam boilers usually include oil gas-fired steam boilers, coal-burning steam boilers and biomass steam boilers, etc. Users can determine which fuel boilers to use according to the actual situation of production demand. Steam boiler is commonly used in food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, packaging industry, building materials industry, textile industry, etc. In daily life, steam boiler is mainly used for heating, hotels and hotels laundry room, hospital equipment disinfection, washing and ironing, canteen, sauna beauty, institutions and schools and other places.

Package WNS gas steam boiler adopts horizontal three return pot shell type structure, to achieve the most stringent environmental standards – NOx emissions after 30 mg/m or less, ZOZEN Boiler research and development team to continuously explore and practice, creatively to low nitrogen combustion technology combined with being type Boiler manufacturing technology, design of corrugated furnace, threaded pipe design, configuration of famous brand burner, environmental protection, energy saving, stable operation, long service life.

Gas steam boiler heating load compliance is strong, flexible in the system conditioning. The system starts fast, reduces the preparation work to bring each kind of expend. The power consumption is lower than that of coal-fired boilers because of the small number of dependent installations and the absence of a fuel preparation system. It is unnecessary to heat the fuel and the steam used to dry the fuel. The steam consumption is less. Less impurities in the gas, the boiler will not produce high or high temperature heating surface decay, there is no problem of slagging, the continuous operation of the boiler cycle is long. Gas metering is simple and accurate, facilitating the adjustment of gas supply.

SZS gas-fired steam boiler

SZS gas-fired steam boiler

ZOZEN boiler was established in 1988, is a professional industrial steam boiler manufacturers, more than 30 years of production technology for precipitation, over 60 has applied patent technology, boiler products in 100 countries and regions, run the security and stability, good working conditions, according to user operation field measured data shows that low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, overload operation, nitrogen oxide emissions in accordance with environmental standards.

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