Industrial Steam Boiler for Refinery Industry

July 24, 2020

Boilers are used in the production requirements of multiple industries. In the refinery, the boiler fractionates the crude oil at different temperature stages to produce different oil types. For this purpose, the boiler is required to provide heat energy. On the other hand, the refinery uses the boiler to provide power, such as the use of steam boilers Power generation. Steam boilers are more commonly used in oil refineries. Fuel selection is more advantageous. Fuel and gas supplies are sufficient. Special personnel should be selected to operate the boiler with a certificate to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

steam boiler for refinery industry

The selection of boilers for oil refineries is the same as other manufacturers’ selection of boilers. The following principles should also be followed:
1. First determine the fuel. When choosing a fuel that can be supplied for a long time, factors such as fuel price, convenience of obtaining materials, and stable long-term supply must be considered. Because fuel is the biggest expense of a furnace during operation, it must be planned before purchasing.
2. Determine the size of the tonnage: The choice of tonnage is based on demand. For example, if you need 2 tons of steam per hour, you can choose a 2 ton steam boiler; for 12,000 square meters of heating, you can choose a 1.4MW hot water boiler. The conversion relationship between boiler units is: 1 ton=0.7MW=600,000 kcal.
3. Determine the pressure: all pressure-bearing boilers are designed with pressure, unless the atmospheric pressure boiler is selected. However, the output of atmospheric boilers is not as large as that of pressure-bearing boilers, so the survival of many manufacturers is under pressure. The choice of pressure includes low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure; low pressure used in general factories, and high pressure used in thermoelectric power plants and power plants.
4. Model determination: After the above important parameters are determined, the final model can be determined.

Characteristics of oil and gas boiler
1. Dual-fuel, dual-fuel boilers can burn both gas and oil. Companies can flexibly choose according to market fuel price fluctuations and their own conditions to minimize boiler fuel costs.
2. Control system, advanced control system of oil and gas boiler, intelligent operation makes the boiler perform well in terms of safety and efficiency, manual operation is simpler, boiler combustion is stable, and failure rate is low.

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