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February 25, 2022

Gas boiler is a kind of thermal energy conversion equipment. It consists of two main parts: the boiler and the furnace and the accessories to ensure its safe and economic continuous operation. The difference between a gas boiler and a oil boiler is that the equipment that depends on what fuel the boiler is called is a burner. The boiler of the gas burner is called a gas boiler, and the boiler equipped with an oil burner is called oil boiler. The difference between a fuel boiler and a gas boiler is what kind of fuel to use.

1 - 20 ton oil gas boiler

1 – 20 ton oil gas boiler

Capacity of WNS condensing gas boiler in 1-20 t/h and all products are packaged, to ensure that the boiler can be quickly installed at the user’s site, except for water supply, gas supply and electrical connection accessories, do not install any other building structure and special process, before the boiler factory made a series of rigorous testing and debugging, to ensure the quality of boiler factory. The boiler is mainly composed of boiler body, connecting flue, burner, soda water system, instrument, energy saver, and condenser and so on. Clean combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation and sufficient output.

Condensing gas boiler in food industry high temperature steam is indispensable to the production of concentrated juice. Steam boiler is important and indispensable heating equipment in the production line of concentrated juice. The stability and quality of steam generated play a very important role in the purity and output of concentrated juice. In order to further improve the processing capacity of fruit and vegetable juice and reduce the energy consumption in the production process, juice Beverage Co., Ltd. decided to introduce high-performance industrial boiler equipment.

large capacity oil gas boiler

large capacity oil gas boiler

What the user wants first when purchasing boiler products is the price of gas-fired power station boiler? ZOZEN’s 35 ton gas-fired  boiler is considered as a small power station boiler among its customers. ZOZEN also designs 45 ton, 50 ton, and 75 ton gas-fired power station boilers. Currently, the largest gas-fired power station boiler can be 110 tons. The actual use demand is different, the boiler model choice is different, but also the boiler auxiliary equipment configuration will affect the boiler quotation. No matter what kind of boiler customers buy, our company all staff in the professional, focused, meticulous attitude to serve every customer.

Oil gas boiler company – ZOZEN boiler not only has ASME certification and steel seal, but also has successively obtained CE/PED, DOSH, IBR and other international certifications. ZOZEN boiler’s sales network has extended from Asia to Africa, Oceania, Eastern Europe, America and other places, and exported to more than 100 countries and regions. As a representative large gas boiler brand in Jiangsu Province, Wuxi ZOZEN boiler has been recognized by many customers in terms of manufacturer qualification, strength, boiler quality, public praise, production technology, after-sales service and other aspects.

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