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April 2, 2022

In industrial production, with the retirement of ordinary coal-fired boilers, more and more gas oil fired boilers have begun to be widely used, and the share of natural gas fired boilers in industrial production is becoming heavier and heavier at present. Especially for some small and medium-sized production lines, the use of gas fired boiler is very suitable. The operating cost of boiler includes fuel cost, labor cost, water and electricity cost, maintenance cost and so on. Among them, the maintenance cost is the biggest expense during the use of the boiler. ZOZEN boiler is a famous brand in domestic boiler industry. The boiler failure rate is low, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost.

2 ton boiler for sale

2 ton boiler for sale

Natural gas steam boiler is mainly divided into two types: WNS series condensing boiler and SZS series boiler. WNS series fire tube boiler with a capacity of 1-20 tons, and SZS series water tube boiler with a capacity of 20-110 tons. Moreover, these two series boilers can be used separately with oil or gas, or at the same time with oil gas fired boilers. Generally rated steam in 1.0MPA, 1.25MPA or 1.6MPA or so, can use gas, LPG, natural gas, LNG and so on.

WNS series steam boiler is a horizontal type oil gas boiler. The boiler is operated automatically. After the fuel is atomized by the burner, the formed torch is filled in the full corrugated furnace chamber and transmits radiant heat through the furnace chamber wall. This is the first return journey. The high temperature flue gas generated by combustion converged in the backburner room and turned into the second return journey, namely the area of the pipe bundle of the threaded pipe. After convection heat transfer, the flue gas temperature gradually decreased and then turned into the third return journey, namely the area of the light pipe bundle, and then flowed into the chimney through the back smoke box and finally discharged into the atmosphere.

30ton szs gas fired steam boiler

30ton szs gas fired steam boiler

SZS series water tube boiler is a two-drum vertical structure oil and gas condensing boiler. The right side of this series boiler is the furnace, the left side is the convection tube bundle, the superheater arranges the convection tube bundle area; the movable supports at the middle and both ends of the boiler barrel are fixed on the body chassis, and the whole boiler is guaranteed to expand to both ends. Around the chamber of a stove or furnace is membrane type water wall, furnace on the left side of the membrane type water wall sealing off the furnace and the convection bank completely, convection bank area at the back of the staggered structure for diarrhea, a front along the column structure, furnace flue gas from the chamber of a stove or furnace tail out of the smoke from the burning of mouth into the combustion chamber, convection bank state district, and then from point to spiral fin tube economizer of boiler on the left side of the front and condenser, finally enter into the chimney flue discharge into the atmosphere.

This series of products are safe and reliable, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, easy to maintain, durable, automatic intelligent control and other characteristics. It has lower operating cost and is a more economical product after the coal-fired boiler. Its thermal efficiency is more than 98%. The improvement of thermal efficiency can shorten working time, reduce combustion consumption and save energy running cost. As a new type of environmental protection boiler, it develops rapidly and has the advantage of less environmental protection and clean pollution.

ZOZEN Boiler can achieve low nitrogen emission and meet the highest environmental protection standards in China, and we can customize the boiler system solution for customers for free. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult the online customer service or contact, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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