Industrial Gas Oil Fired Steam Boiler Plant

November 24, 2022

Industrial gas oil fired steam boiler plant can produce two types of fire tube boilers and water tube boilers with a wide range of fuels, including gas fuels such as natural gas, coke oven gas and biogas, and liquid fuels such as diesel oil, heavy oil, light oil and residual oil. 1 ton – 20 ton fire tube boilers can be used for all kinds of small and medium industrial production, 20-110 ton water tube boilers can be used for large industrial production, users can choose the right boiler model according to the actual production needs.

gas oil fire tube steam boiler

gas oil fire tube steam boiler

The WNS series gas oil fired boilers produced by ZOZEN are equipped with industrial burners with good technical performance, adopting advanced technologies such as automatic proportional adjustment of combustion, automatic adjustment of feed water, programmed start-stop, fully automatic operation, and automatic protection functions such as high and low water level alarm and very low water level, ultra-high steam pressure and flameout. This type of boiler has the features of compact structure, safety and reliability, easy operation, quick installation, less pollution, low noise and high efficiency.

ZOZEN Boiler’s WNS series gas boilers use clean fuel and clean combustion technology to suppress NOx generation or reduce NOx generated by regulating combustion temperature, oxygen concentration in flue gas, and flue gas residence time in the high temperature zone, ensuring NOx emissions as low as 30mg/Nm3.

zozen oil gas fired water tube boiler

zozen oil gas fired water tube boiler

ZOZEN Boiler participated in the centralized heating center project, providing a set of SZS series gas water tube boiler equipment for the customer. This gas boiler with large capacity and high parameters, strong thermal stability, and low carbon and environmental protection is the designated furnace type for many large centralized heating projects. The boiler body adopts a full-film water-cooled wall structure, which has a large heating surface and good heat transfer effect. Meanwhile, the high temperature area of the furnace body adopts forced water circulation to ensure reliable cooling of each heating surface and prevent vaporization. The reasonable structure of the body design with advanced boiler control and protection system provides users with a safe, stable and intelligent heating solution.

Since its establishment in 1988, ZOZEN has been developing new technologies to provide customers with high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendly oil and gas boilers. In more than 10 years, ZOZEN has been expanding its overseas customers, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Mongolia, South Africa, Libya and many other countries. Welcome to contact us for consultation, ZOZEN engineers will provide you with one-on-one consulting services.

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