Industrial Gas Fired Water Tube Boiler

February 24, 2023

Gas boiler is a clean and environmentally friendly industrial boiler product that uses natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas and other gas fuels as fuel. The heat released in the furnace through the combustion of fuel heats the water in the pot and evaporates it into steam. At present, industrial gas fired boilers are already indispensable heating equipment in the production process of current enterprises, and they are also the best-selling products of ZOZEN boiler manufacturers.

SZS series gas boilers

SZS series gas boilers

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This boiler adopts an integrated structure of economizer, condenser and boiler, which fully absorbs flue gas exhaust waste heat and vaporization latent heat. The thermal efficiency is more than 10% higher than that of ordinary furnaces and can reach 95%. WNS series and SZS series gas boilers adopt high-quality aluminum silicate insulation materials and double-sealed structure, with good insulation and sealing performance, which effectively reduces the temperature loss in the furnace.

The Main Components of Gas Boiler

  1. Furnace: Ensure that the boiler fuel is burned out and the outlet flue gas temperature is cooled to the value that the convective heating surface can work safely;
  2. Drum: Connect the heating surfaces of the boiler together and form a water circulation loop with the water wall, downcomer, etc. The boiler drum stores soda and water, which can adapt to load changes. There is a steam-water separation device inside to ensure the quality of soda and water. The once-through boiler has no drum.
  3. Water wall: the main radiant heating surface of a 1 ton gas steam boiler, which absorbs the radiant heat of the furnace, heats the working fluid, and protects the furnace wall.
  4. Combustion equipment: send fuel and air required for combustion into the furnace and make the fuel ignite stably and burn well;
  5. Furnace wall: It is the protective shell of the 1 ton gas steam boiler, which plays a role of sealing and heat preservation. The heavy furnace wall of the small boiler can also play the role of supporting boiler components.
  6. Frame: Support and fix boiler components.
industrial gas fired boiler

industrial gas fired boiler

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ZOZEN boiler is a modern industrial gas boiler manufacturer, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of energy-saving and environmentally friendly boilers, mainly various types of gas boilers, gas condensing boilers, oil-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers and thermal oil boilers. Our company has an A-level boiler manufacturing license and a 150,000 square meter digital production base. We are committed to building a low-nitrogen, energy-saving and environmentally friendly gas boiler!

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