Industrial Coal Steam Boiler 8 Ton

July 21, 2022

SZL8-1.25-AⅡ model boiler is a SZL series coal-fired boiler produced by ZOZEN, which produces 8 tons steam per hour and has a rated pressure of 1.25 MPa, with the advantages of high boiler efficiency, high overload capacity and wide adaptability to coal types. It is favored by users in food industry, chemical industry, heating industry, feed industry, cable industry, building material industry, etc. This series of coal-fired boiler is a new type of water tube assembly boiler developed by ZOZEN.

8 tph coal fired steam boiler

8 tph coal fired steam boiler

As the 8 tph coal-fired chain grate boiler project partner in a Pakistani feed mill, ZOZEN provided the customer with a SZL series coal-fired steam boiler system, including the boiler body and a complete set of auxiliary accessories. Through detailed understanding of the production process characteristics and actual steam demand of the feed mill, ZOZEN’s design team made a reasonable design of the feeding hopper, grate width and length to ensure the full combustion of both fuels in response to the customer’s requirement of mixing coal and rice husk as fuel.

ZOZEN’s customized coal-fired boiler for the feed mill has a thermal efficiency of more than 5% higher than that of conventional boiler systems in the industry, achieving efficient conversion of heat energy. At present, the steam boiler has arrived in Lahore, Pakistan, for installation, with ZOZEN boiler technicians on site to guide the whole process. In this regard, the purchase manager of the feed mill highly praised the service and product quality of ZOZEN boilers.

coal chain grate water tube boiler

coal chain grate water tube boiler

SZL8 ton assembly chain grate boiler is a double pot longitudinal chain grate assembly water tube boiler, mainly by the upper and lower pot, convection tube bundle, water-cooled wall tube, descending tube and collection box, the upper and lower pot longitudinal arrangement, combustion equipment using chain belt chain grate, driven by stepless variable speed device. The structure increases the radiating heating surface of the furnace on the basis of the same heating area, and the overload capacity is stronger; the front and rear arches are made of water-cooled wall tubes and poured with high alumina cement, thus avoiding the drawback of long-term high-temperature grilling of the original boiler’s triple-fold line arch bricks that break and collapse, thus extending the service life of the arch.

coal steam boiler 8 ton factory price is reasonable, is a cost-effective industrial boiler products, small and medium-sized enterprises in production need high quality steam production line can be used. ZOZEN, as a coal-fired boiler manufacturer with more than 30 years of development and sales experience, focuses on helping enterprises to improve production efficiency and save operating costs, and for more information on boilers and ZOZEN boiler factory information you can contact online customer service directly.

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