How to Extend the Service Life of Gas Boilers?

February 14, 2020

Gas boiler can bring a lot of convenience to industrial production and people’s life, and is one of the main energy equipment. However, gas boilers that have been used for a long time will inevitably fail, and scale coagulation and rust spot corrosion will inevitably occur, which will affect the useful life of the boiler. But if you know how to perform maintenance, the situation may be very different, the above problems may not occur, and the service life of the boiler can reach 10 or even 20 years. Below, we will teach you some maintenance skills of gas boilers so that everyone can better use gas boilers.


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Take care during operation

During the maintenance work of the gas boiler, the following two points need to be paid attention to:
First: no water can accumulate on the ground where the gas boiler is placed, otherwise it will cause moisture corrosion of the gas boiler.
Second: be sure to check the operation status of the gas boiler every 2-3 weeks to prevent problems before they occur.


Regular comprehensive maintenance

In the daily use process, not only the regular small inspection of the operating status of the gas boiler, but also the comprehensive maintenance and inspection of it every three to six months, the main points of inspection include: internal and external inspection, especially It is the welding gap of some pressure parts to see if there is corrosion phenomenon. If serious defects are found, they should be repaired in time. Even if the defects are not serious, records should be made for future repairs. Apply primer to the bottom of the boiler to prevent its bottom from being corroded by water.


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Gas boiler maintenance skills are as important as its use skills. A well-maintained gas boiler will increase its service life and increase its usual efficiency. Improper maintenance will greatly reduce its practical value, which will not only cause production interruptions. There will also be expensive maintenance costs. In the process of using a gas boiler, it must be properly maintained in accordance with the above methods.

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