How Does Oil Fired Horizontal Boiler Work?

December 16, 2019

The working principle of oil-fired boiler is as follows: the fuel of the boiler is mainly diesel oil or heavy oil.

Oil-fired boilers are now fully automatic combustion machine; working procedures are electronic control, boiler water, boiler ignition, oil supply, air supply, flame detection automatic protection function as one.


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Oil-fired boiler includes oil-fired boiling water boiler, oil-fired hot water boiler, oil-fired heating boiler, oil-fired bath boiler, oil-fired steam boiler, etc. Oil-fired boiler refers to the boiler fueled by light oil (such as diesel oil, kerosene), heavy oil, residual oil or crude oil. Compared with gas-fired boiler and electric heating boiler, oil-fired boiler operates more economically than electric heating boiler and is more convenient to use than gas-fired boiler.


With the development of economy and the progress of the society and people to the improvement of environmental awareness, coal-fired boiler because of serious pollution, moving away from the line of sight of people, is replaced by a new environmental protection digital boiler, such as electric heating boiler, oil burning boiler, gas-fired boiler, electric heating boiler operation, the most expensive gas boiler need to open a gas pipeline, so, if there is no natural gas pipeline, and hope the boiler operation cost is low, only choose oil burning boiler.


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The oil-fired boiler is heated through the burner, the fuel atomization effect is good, the fuel combustion is sufficient; the chimney cannot see the black smoke, so the oil-fired boiler is green, efficient and energy-saving. After the fuel oil is sprayed into the furnace by the burner, the oil droplets are like fog, which can easily mix with the air and burn rapidly and release heat rapidly.

Compared with coal-fired boilers with the same parameters and capacity, the thermal strength of the furnace volume can be increased about twice. However, in order to reduce the heat load in the burner area and avoid the over-temperature of the water-cooled wall tube in this area, the furnace volume is only reduced by about 1/3.


Because the ash content in the fuel oil is very small, it is not slugged on the convection heating surface, so the smoke temperature of the furnace outlet can be up to 1300 ~ 1350℃, and reduce the pitch between the tubes of the convection heating surface to improve the flow rate of the flue gas, so as to improve the heat transfer coefficient of the heating surface, save the heating area and steel.

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