Horizontal 10tph Biomass Steam Boiler

December 15, 2020

Horizontal 10tph biomass steam boiler has DZL series and SZL series chain grate biomass boiler. As biomass fuel is mostly agricultural and forestry waste, it is a kind of environmentally friendly renewable energy with many kinds and wide distribution. It has been very mature in the application of industrial boilers. SZL series biomass boiler is recommended for 10 ton boiler.

10 ton biomass steam boiler

10 ton biomass steam boiler

SZL series biomass boiler is a kind of boiler with quick installation or assembly. The boiler with a capacity of more than 6 tons is an assembly structure. The 10tph biomass steam boiler is composed of two parts, the upper part is the heating surface of the body and the lower part is the combustion equipment. Around the front of the boiler body to decorate wall, upper part connected to the boiler drum, bottom connected to the header, the composition of the combustion chamber, to absorb the furnace radiant heat, in the back in the water drum arrangement between intensive convection bank, transverse convection heating surface erosion of high temperature flue gas after combustion, to separate arrangement of economizer, finally into the filter through the chimneys.

SZL Series 10tph Biomass Boiler Advantages

  1. Good fuel adaptability. Suitable for biomass molding pellet, sawdust, straw, bark branches, wheat straw and other fuels.
  2. High thermal efficiency. Reasonable arrangement of furnace arch, furnace wall, furnace chamber heating surface, and the use of independent air bin design, to ensure that different biomass fuels can burn out.
  3. Simple operation. Chain grate low speed translation movement, simple operation, no need for special training operators.
  4. Long service life. Small proportion of fly ash, small dust concentration of flue gas, light wear of heating surface, prolong boiler service life.
  5. Outstanding benefits. Boiler discharge ash residue for pure biomass ash (do not need to add bed material), easy to comprehensive utilization.


Steam boiler is important equipment in wood processing industry. Steam heat treatment process makes wood have good stability, corrosion resistance and environmental protection. In the processing of raw materials, wood factories will produce a lot of corner wood, which can be used as fuel for biomass boiler after processing, which not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also improves the economic benefits of enterprises. ZOZEN Boiler group recommended SZL series biomass steam boiler according to the actual demand of user production line. This boiler has the advantages of safety, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Considering the low calorific value and high humidity of wood as fuel, the central normal boiler rationally designs and optimizes the hopper, grate width and length. The graded air supply, through the secondary air inlet to the flue gas disturbance in the furnace, to ensure the fuel combustion full, so that the thermal efficiency can reach more than 88%; At the same time equipped with automatic operation and control system, to ensure that the boiler operation no accident, easy to operate, the need for operation, maintenance personnel less.

horizontal biomass-fired boiler

horizontal biomass-fired boiler

ZOZEN’s boiler products are used in more than 13,350 projects in grain and oil, chemical industry, building materials, textile printing and dyeing, army, school, hotel, central heating and other industries. If you are looking for suitable biomass boiler products, please contact us, our engineers can customize the boiler system solution for you for free.

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