High Efficiency Biomass Boilers in Nigeria

November 12, 2020

With the national environmental protection standards more and more strict, enterprises in the choice of industrial boilers is to consider the emission standards of boilers, in addition to natural gas boilers, biomass-fired boilers have become the first choice of users. Choose and buy biomass-fired boiler, not only to consider the parameters of the boiler and the price, but also to carefully investigate the boiler manufacturers and brand. Generally speaking, biomass boilers produced by large factories are more efficient, environmentally friendly and can meet emission standards. The most important is long service life, after-sales service is guaranteed. For developing enterprises, a high quality and high efficiency biomass boiler can save a lot of operating costs for enterprises.

DZL biomass-fired steam boiler

DZL biomass-fired steam boiler

Biomass boiler fuel sources are extensive, is a renewable green energy, it almost does not contain sulfur content, ash content is less, its growth process can absorb all CO2 produced by the combustion process, achieve CO2 zero emission. Biomass energy will gradually replace coal and become one of the main energy sources. Biomass fuels include straw, wood chips, rice hulls, bamboo and wood processing wastes, grain hulls, fruit hulls, palm hulls and so on.

The biomass fuel is first preheated in the burner and then transferred to the furnace by a fan for combustion. When the temperature in the furnace reaches the volatilization temperature of volatiles, the igniter fuel can be ignited and burned rapidly under the condition of air supply. Burner temperature control is based on the internal temperature of the furnace, and its temperature is related to the amount of air supply during fuel gasification. The adjustment of boiler load is controlled by the adjustment of feed quantity. The flue gas after combustion enters the convection flue for heat transfer through the furnace, then enters the dust collector for purification treatment, and finally exhausts the whole combustion and heat transfer process.

Biomass-fired boiler price is related to boiler specification parameters and auxiliary equipment configuration. Biomass pellet fuel has better ignition performance, easy to ignite, greatly reduced the ignition time, solid emissions of fuel is lower than the solid emissions of coal, reduced the slag discharge cost and environmental pollution. Approximately 0.4% to 7%, while coal’s solid emissions are a mixture of ash, alkali and residual coal, with a total weight of approximately 25% to 40%.

SZL biomass boilers

SZL biomass boilers

DZL series steam boiler has the functions of high automation, automatic water level regulation, low water level interlock protection, high and low water level alarm and so on. The overall use of advanced arch design, conducive to fuel combustion, fuel adaptability. The boiler is equipped with complete supporting facilities, complete control and monitoring instruments and safe and reliable operation. The boiler grate adopts a new type of grate plate and adds a unique safety ring, which makes the grate operation stable and reliable and improves the boiler combustion efficiency.

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