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September 14, 2021

Gas steam boiler supplier – ZOZEN SZS fire tube boiler is a two-drum, vertical, D-type arrangement. Around the chamber of a stove or furnace is membrane type water wall, furnace on the left side of the membrane type water wall sealing off the furnace and the convection bank completely, convection bank area at the back of the staggered structure for diarrhea, a front along the column structure, furnace flue gas from the chamber of a stove or furnace tail out of the smoke from the burning of mouth into the combustion chamber, convection bank state district, and then from point to spiral fin tube economizer of boiler on the left side of the front and condenser, finally enter into the chimney flue discharge into the atmosphere.

gas fired steam boiler for chemical industry

gas fired steam boiler for chemical industry

Because 35 ton gas steam boilers are relatively large-scale industrial equipment, they are usually delivered in bulk, and bulk boilers are generally large-scale boilers. Due to restrictions on volume and transportation, they are transported to the site in the form of bulk parts to assemble, therefore, it is not easy to calculate the model whose weight, size, length, width and height are not fixed. Even if they are all 35 tph gas-fired boilers, after being installed on the construction site, their weight and dimensions are not necessarily equal in length, width and height.

Structural Features of Natural Gas Boiler

  1. The overall structure is reasonable and compact. The boiler can be installed in the factory as a whole, transported to the site to assemble the main engine and chimney, and connected to the air source, power supply and water pipeline on the site for trial operation. Greatly shorten the installation cycle, and can guarantee the quality of products.
  2. Advanced design performance. The boiler body is mainly arranged with heating surface and combustion chamber, which has the characteristics of reasonable structure, compact structure and low consumption of steel. The furnace bladder adopts offset corrugated furnace bladder, and the insulation layer adopts new light heat insulation material.
  3. The front and rear smoke boxes are connected by hinges, which can be easily opened, convenient for maintenance and maintenance.
  4. Complete auxiliary equipment and advanced comprehensive technical performance.
  5. The use of new heat insulation material, light weight, less heat loss, good insulation performance.
szs 60 ton gas boiler

szs 60 ton gas boiler

Normally, power plants are powered primarily by natural gas. 35 ton gas power plant boilers are mainly used in large central heating, thermal power plants or other industrial production. From the perspective of the application of natural gas, the increment of the future electric power field will come from natural gas generation by a large margin. Gas-fired steam boiler has become the best choice for power plant, thermal power plant and various industrial enterprises. This series of boilers will play a very important role in the future application field of thermal equipment.

As a professional natural gas steam boiler supplier, Wuxi ZOZEN has a professional sales team who can customize the boiler system solutions for free after learning about customers’ needs. If you need to buy boiler products, please feel free to contact us.

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