Exploring Types of Boiler Tubes

December 8, 2023

Boiler tubes are a critical component of boilers, responsible for transferring heat and ensuring efficient operation. Two main types of boilers are widely used in various industries: water tube boilers and fire tube boilers. In this article, we will delve into the characteristics of these types of boiler tubes and highlight examples from ZOZEN Boiler’s WNS and SZS series.

What is a fire tube boiler?

In a fire tube boiler, the threaded smoke tubes are surrounded by water. While passing through the threaded smoke tubes, the high temperature flue gas heats the water or vapour and ultimately produces steam or hot water.

What is a water tube boiler?

The operation mode of a water tube boiler is exactly the opposite of that of a fire tube boiler. A water tube boiler is such a kind of boiler where the water is heated inside tubes and the hot gas surround them.

ZOZEN Boiler offers exemplary fire tube and water tube boilers through their WNS and SZS series to explore types of boiler tubes.

ZOZEN oil/gas fired boilers can be divided into SZS water tube boilers and WNS fire tube boilers depending on the medium inside the tubes. With multiple pressure designs, the water tube boilers can meet the steam supply requirements of 2.5MPa or above. The fire tube boilers, on the contrary, are intended for use at pressures below 2.5 MPa. Fire tube boilers usually have a capacity of below 20t/h, while water tube ones of 20t/h or more as capacity expansion is possible.

Advantages of ZOZEN’s fire tube boilers:

  1. Simple structure, compact size, easy to install, low production and construction costs.
  2. Low failure rate, easy maintenance, low maintenance and operation costs.
  3. The use of ZOZEN high efficient threaded smoke tubes prolongs the staying time of flue gas and effectively improves the thermal efficiency.
  4. The use of a large-diameter corrugated furnace reduces the thermal stress of the boilers. With sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, the boilers can produce high thermal power and high quality steam.
ZOZEN's water tube boiler-- SZS series boiler

                          ZOZEN’s water tube boiler– SZS series boiler

Advantages of ZOZEN’s water tube boilers:

  1. Water tube boilers have large capacity which can withstand higher pressure and temperature. The maximum capacity has reaches 110t/h.
  2. Water tube boilers can produce steam quickly and produce saturated or superheated steam according to actual requirements. Meanwhile, with good adjustment abilities, the boilers can precisely track load fluctuations.
  3. The heating area of water tube boilers is the surface of tubes placed in the furnace instead of the boiler drum, which has good heat transfer effects and safety performance.
  4. The boilers adopt membrane water wall structure. The reasonable design of the size of drum and steam-water separator can increase the steam quality.

Apart from providing two types of boiler tubes, ZOZEN Boiler’s commitment to market advantages extends beyond boiler design and manufacturing. Their intelligent production workshops leverage the integration of information technology and industrialization, ensuring precise and efficient manufacturing processes. By combining advanced automation and quality control systems, ZOZEN achieves consistent product quality and timely delivery.

Furthermore, ZOZEN prioritizes customer satisfaction through comprehensive after-sales services. Their dedicated service team provides technical support, maintenance, and spare parts availability, ensuring uninterrupted boiler operation and customer peace of mind. ZOZEN’s commitment to customer-centric solutions has earned them a reputation for reliability and excellence in the market.

Water tube and fire tube boilers represent two fundamental types of boiler tubes, each with distinct characteristics suited to various industrial applications. By providing innovative and reliable boiler solutions, ZOZEN Boiler continues to meet the diverse needs of industries while maintaining their position as a market leader.

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