Corrugated Carton Factory Fully Automatic Gas Fired Boiler

July 15, 2022

Corrugated carton factory uses fully automatic gas fired boilers as important heating equipment. The quality of the steam produced has a direct impact on the quality of carton products, so when purchasing industrial steam boilers, it is important to choose a regular boiler brand. Corrugated boxes have become one of the most widely used packaging materials in modern packaging. Corrugated paper processing has a high demand for steam, and production processes such as pre-conditioning corrugated base paper, forming, and gluing and bonding are all inseparable from steam.

5000kg gas fired steam boiler

5000kg gas fired steam boiler

After analyzing the actual steam demand of the customer’s corrugated carton factory production line, ZOZEN’s technical team customized a 5 ton gas-fired steam boiler for the customer’s paper mill. This WNS series gas-fired boiler adopts a large diameter corrugated furnace liner for full fuel combustion and an internationally advanced low-NOx burner to easily achieve ultra-low NOx emissions. Meanwhile, the large capacity design of this series of gas boilers provides sufficient steam storage space and heating surface to ensure high efficiency output of high quality steam.

The WNS series fire tube boilers manufactured by ZOZEN realize the advantages of adequate combustion, non-polluting emission, convenient operation and easy installation. This type of boiler has high thermal efficiency, high output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, easy operation, safe and reliable operation, and is an ideal high-efficiency, low-consumption, low-pollution green product.

natural gas fire tube boiler

natural gas fire tube boiler

The 5 ton gas-fired steam boiler is a packaged boiler with compact structure, low space occupation, convenient transportation and low infrastructure investment. After completing the overall installation of the boiler at the boiler factory and transporting it to the boiler room of the corrugated carton factory, it only needs to connect the flue, burner, steam and water system, instrumentation, energy saver, condenser and other auxiliary parts before it can be put into trial operation, effectively saving the installation time cost of the enterprise.

As the star product of ZOZEN Boiler Factory, WNS series oil-fired gas boiler with high thermal efficiency, highly automated operation and low nitrogen emission makes it the boiler product of choice for production in various industries, except for corrugated carton factory. The oil gas boiler has successful cases in food factories, chemical plants, textile factories, centralized heating, etc. If you need to know more detailed project information, welcome to contact online customer service for consultation.

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