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September 11, 2020

Pakistan’s economy is an emerging market in Asia, and the whole economy is in the stage of light industry development and export. Textile industry is the main industry in Pakistan at present, which plays a decisive role in its economic development. In the textile industry, whether dyeing, drying, sizing, printing and dyeing processes have certain requirements on the temperature, boiler may be regarded as one of the important equipment in the production line of textile enterprises, but in addition to the textile industry continues to play a pillar role, food processing, engineering, machinery, chemical and other industries are also developing rapidly in recent years. Kay & Emms (Pvt) Ltd. is a Pakistani textile company serving as a supplier to GAP, ZARA and other global clothing brands. Kay & Emms products are popular in the global market. Because Kay & Emms needed to upgrade its equipment and expand its capacity, the Pakistani company first came up with the idea for ZOZEN Boiler manufacturers.


900 million Kcarl thermal oil boiler

900 million Kcarl thermal oil boiler

According to the characteristics of the coal used in the boiler base, the design of the furnace grate and arch is improved and optimized for YLW series coal thermal oil boiler, and several independent air silos and damper are set up to realize the uniform and full combustion of coal and improve the fuel utilization rate. In the boiler body part, ZOZEN Boiler uses high quality insulation materials and special construction technology to reduce heat loss as much as possible; At the same time, the advanced structure is adopted to optimize the radiation heating surface and reduce the formation and emission of flue gas dust in the combustion chamber. In addition, the effective setting of ash clearing structure facilitates the maintenance, operation and cleaning of the boiler.


Advantages of YLW Coal – fired Thermal Oil Boiler

  1. Wide adaptability of fuel: applicable to bituminous coal, anthracite, various biomass particles, sawdust, etc.
  2. High thermal efficiency: according to different fuel design grate, ensure fuel combustion full, thermal efficiency up to 85%.
  3. Strong safety: adopt multi-loop coil design; coil control adopts CNC three-dimensional pipe bender for pre-bending and then docking.
  4. Assembly structure: after the boiler assembly has been transported, the connecting pipes, valves and control lines can be put into operation.
  5. Low operating cost: the end of the furnace is equipped with a waste heat boiler, energy saving device, air preheater and other energy saving equipment to make full use of the heat generated by the boiler.


YLW coal fired therml oil heater

YLW coal fired therml oil heater


As a large industrial boiler manufacturers, ZOZEN Boiler has more than 400 types of boiler products. Sales network throughout the entire Asia extended to Africa, Oceania, Eastern Europe, the Americas and other places, exports more than 100 countries and regions. YLW series boilers, as high temperature heat source of various temperatures below 350℃, provide high temperature and low pressure heating for dyeing, drying, sizing, printing and dyeing processes in textile enterprises. At the same time, this series of boilers can achieve accurate temperature control through advanced oil temperature, oil pressure control system; greatly improve the utilization of heat energy, to meet the actual needs of textile enterprises. Our designers customize the boiler system according to customers’ needs to help customers buy the most suitable boiler products.

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