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December 29, 2023

Founded in 1988, ZOZEN Boiler has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the industry, known for its expertise and experience. With a sprawling facility spanning 150,000 square meters, ZOZEN Boiler boasts an AAA credit rating. The company has the capacity to produce 2,000 industrial boilers and 20,000 tons of steam annually. To drive continuous innovation in core technologies and products and enhance its competitive edge, the company has forged close collaborations with esteemed universities and research institutions such as Xi’an Jiaotong University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, establishing a robust research and development framework.

Basic Boiler Info

With over three decades of boiler manufacturing expertise, ZOZEN Boiler has diversified its product range to include various types of boilers, which find wide applications across industries such as chemicals, food processing, brewing, heating, papermaking, printing and dyeing, and rubber. These boiler varieties include:

ZOZEN Oil and Gas Boiler Info:

ZOZEN’s boilers are available in three series: the WNS series condensing horizontal internal combustion boiler, the SZS series condensing double-drum boiler, and ZZ series gas-fired (oil-fired) power plant steam boiler.

SZS series double-drum horizontal boiler

                                    SZS series double-drum horizontal boiler

All three series feature a large furnace design, achieving thermal efficiency of over 98% and reducing NOx emissions to as low as 30mg/Nm3. The front and rear smoke boxes use ZOZEN’s proprietary sealing structure, ensuring no smoke leakage. Additionally, these boilers are equipped with fully automatic safety features.

ZOZEN Biomass Boiler Info:

The biomass boilers produced by ZOZEN can be divided into four series: SZL series biomass-fired boiler, DZL series biomass-fired boiler, DHL series biomass-fired boiler, and SHL series biomass-fired boiler.

ZOZEN biomass boilers have wide fuel adaptability and can be used with various fuels such as biomass pellets, wood chips, palm shells, and straw. ZOZEN boilers are designed with relevant structures based on different fuel characteristics, ensuring high efficiency, energy savings, and stable operation of the boilers. They address issues such as ash accumulation, coking, wear and tear, arching before combustion, and fuel feeding.

ZOZEN Coal-fired Boiler Info:

The coal-fired chain grate boilers produced by ZOZEN are available in four series: SZL series coal-fired boiler, DZL series coal-fired boiler, DHL series coal-fired boiler, and SHL series coal-fired boiler.

ZOZEN’s coal-fired chain grate boilers have a wide range of fuel adaptability and can be used with various coal types, including bituminous coal, anthracite coal, and lean coal. Specially designed furnace grates are used to ensure smooth operation of the grates. The combustion air system (base) adopts independent compartments and a scientifically sealed structure. The adjustable air regulation device achieves precise air distribution, thereby improving combustion efficiency.

ZOZEN Service Info:

In addition to exceptional boiler products, ZOZEN Boiler provides comprehensive services and support to its customers. The company offers project consulting, installation guidance, and reliable after-sales service. ZOZEN Boiler is dedicated to establishing long-term partnerships with its customers, providing tailored solutions and delivering superior value.

After knowing basic boiler info, we know that ZOZEN Boiler stands as a reputable provider of boiler solutions, leveraging its expertise, advanced technology, and diverse product range to cater to the needs of various industries. With a commitment to efficiency, environmental sustainability, and customer satisfaction, ZOZEN Boiler continues to be a trusted partner in the field of boiler manufacturing. Contact ZOZEN Boiler today to explore the full range of their products and services.

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