8 Ton Gas Boiler Sales in South Korea

December 8, 2020

8 ton gas boiler as a natural gas, coke oven gas, methane gas as fuel products, such as in daily life and plays an important role in industrial production, for some need a lot of steam or hot water industry in the process of production, gas steam boiler and gas hot water boiler is an important and irreplaceable clean product type boiler, the heat energy is the main equipment. As a kind of environmental protection boiler, gas fired boiler is very competitive in today’s boiler market.

8 ton gas boiler

8 ton gas boiler

In the process of purchasing a boiler, the boiler price and operating cost naturally become the two issues that users most want to understand. In fact, the price of industrial boilers does not have a fixed value, it is affected by the boiler’s brand, fuel type, capacity, pressure, equipped with auxiliary equipment and other factors, and different boiler configuration has different prices. ZOZEN’s boilers are of high quality and provide customers with the most comprehensive service and the most suitable factory price.

Gas Consumption of 8 Ton Gas Boiler

Gas consumption of gas boiler = rated power of gas boiler ÷ boiler thermal efficiency ÷ day gas calorific value. The rated power of the 8-ton gas-fired boiler is 4.8 million CAL, the thermal efficiency is 93%, and the calorific value of natural gas is about 8,500 CAL. Then, the gas consumption of the 8-ton gas-fired boiler per hour is 4800000 calories ÷93%÷8500=607m.
Compared with traditional coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers have the advantages of high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, low operating cost, etc., and have become a kind of clean boiler favored by customers in the boiler market.

WNS Series Gas Steam Boilers in Medical Industry

In the medical industry, the steam heat source provided by industrial boilers is mainly used for sterilization of medical equipment, hospital bed sheets and covers, which has a high demand on the steam output and quality provided by steam boilers. Therefore, a steam boiler with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection is very important to ensure the daily normal operation of the hospital. WNS series gas-fired steam boiler designed for hospital by ZOZEN Boiler is a boiler shell type two-return wet back gas-fired boiler. The furnace adopts large diameter furnace design, has sufficient steam storage space and heating area, can effectively enhance the heat transfer efficiency. With the energy saving device at the end of the boiler flue, the thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%. Using advanced low nitrogen combustion technology, this series of boiler is able to control NOx emission below 30mg/Nm3. Therefore, with the excellent performance of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, ZOZEN WNS series gas steam boiler has been recognized and favored by many users in the medical industry.

Capacity of WNS condensing gas boiler in 1-20 t/h and all products are packaged, to ensure that the boiler can be quickly installed at the user’s site, except for water supply, gas supply and electrical connection accessories, do not install any other building structure and special process, before the boiler factory made a series of rigorous testing and debugging, to ensure the quality of boiler factory. The boiler is mainly composed of boiler body, connecting flue, burner, soda water system, instrument, energy saver, and condenser and so on. Clean combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation and sufficient output.

wns gas-fired condensing boiler

wns gas-fired condensing boiler

Wuxi ZOZEN is a company with ASME “S” and “U” certification. Established in 1988, we have more than 30 years of experience in industrial boiler manufacturing with customers all over the world. Our products are oil and gas boilers, biomass boilers, coal-fired boilers and thermal oil boilers and other more than 400 different models, can be used in a variety of industries, welcome to contact us for detailed information.

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