6 t/h Gas Fired Boiler VS Coal Fired Boiler in Industrial Use

December 24, 2019

The total number of industrial boilers in China is about 600,000, and it is still growing at a rate of 5% every year. Among all kinds of industrial boilers, 65% are chain furnaces, 20% are reciprocating grate furnaces, 10% are fixed grate furnaces, 3-5% is circulating fluidized bed boilers, and other types account for 1%.It can be seen that coal-fired chain boiler plays an important role in China’s national economic life. 6t/h coal-fired chain boilers are not only large in number but also generally inefficient.


industrial steam boiler


The main advantages of gas fired hot water boiler are:
1. The ash content, sulfur content and nitrogen content of the gas in the gas-fired boiler are low, the combustion is sufficient, the dust content in the flue gas is very small, and the discharge is easy to meet the national standards for the combustion equipment, which can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment, and the environmental performance is good.
2. The smoke pollution is small, the convection tube bundle bears the corrosion is small, the heat transfer effect is good, the thermal radiation ability is strong, the exhaust smoke temperature is low, the thermal efficiency is obvious enhancement.
3. Gas-fired boiler does not need coal feeder, slag remover, dust collector, grate and other ancillary equipment, saving investment in boiler equipment.
4. The gas transported by pipeline is used as power, no fuel storage is required, and the sanitary conditions are good. It can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve labor conditions, reduce operating costs, and save transportation costs, sites and labor.
5. Gas boiler heating load adaptability, according to the load (water temperature) can be flexible to adjust the size of the fire. The system starts quickly, reduces the preparation work to bring about each kind of consumption. Due to the small number of ancillary equipment, electricity consumption is lower than coal-fired boilers. Less impurities in the gas, the boiler will not occur high and low temperature heating surface corrosion, boiler continuous operation time is long, fewer faults.
6. Gas metering is simple and accurate, facilitating the regulation of gas supply. In terms of reducing equipment maintenance, the gas boiler combustion system equipment is simple, so the need for maintenance of less equipment, the service life of heating pipe fittings is long.
7. gas boiler simple operation, easy to achieve automatic control. The gas-fired boiler not only has lower setting cost and running cost, but also its social benefit is incomparable. Natural gas is the cleanest fuel, is the least polluting fuel, gas boiler will be the ultimate trend of boiler development!


gas fired hot water boiler for industry


Through the analysis and discussion of the gas-fired boiler, whether from the economic point of view or from the perspective of environmental protection, the development of gas-fired boiler is the current development trend, compared with the coal-fired boiler can greatly reduce the emission of coal-smoke soot, significantly improve the air quality, better protection of the environment.

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