5 Ton Biomass Boiler Supplier

July 13, 2022

Many industries need steam boilers to provide high quality steam in the production process. 5 ton biomass boilers can burn rice husk, straw, corn cob, wood, palm shell, biomass pellets and other fuels directly, which is green and energy saving. ZOZEN’s DZL series horizontal chain grate steam boilers, with small tonnage, compact structure and reasonable price, are loved by many customers in industrial production.

biomass fuel chain grate boiler

biomass fuel chain grate boiler

A chemical plant customer engaged in fertilizer production chose ZOZEN as a 5 ton biomass boiler supplier. Fertilizer production is a complex and continuous process production process that needs to be carried out in a closed system under high temperature and high pressure conditions with a wide range of equipment and piping, and as a special boiler for chemical plants needs to have stable operation and a high degree of safety. Combining with the actual production steam requirements of customers, ZOZEN has customized the DZL series biomass boiler system solution for customers, which can save 5-10% operation cost for chemical plants.

DZL type biomass boiler adopts new type of furnace design to maximize the efficiency of fuel combustion process, effectively reduce fuel cost and improve thermal efficiency. Moreover, the ash residue after combustion can be used as agricultural fertilizer, which is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly product. This highly automatic biomass steam boiler has complete safety measures, with high and low water level alarm and high pressure alarm, flameout protection and other safety measures, effectively guaranteeing the operational safety of the boiler, and users can use it with confidence.

5 tph biomass fired boiler

5 tph biomass fired boiler

DZL biomass boiler is a horizontal three-pass water and fire tube hybrid boiler with chain grate combustion equipment. The boiler body is a single pot longitudinal arrangement, the pot is arranged with a single return flue tube, the left and right sides of the furnace are equipped with light tube water-cooled wall, part of the rising tube is pulled toward the furnace to form the roof, the bottom of the pot is hung with refractory bricks, which does not accept the radiation of high temperature flame, there are two convection flue symmetrically under both sides of the pot, in addition, the pot is equipped with water wall curved tube, which completely solves the drawback of tearing the weld seam caused by the heat rise and cold shrinkage of the pot and the collector.

The 5000kg biomass boiler price is affected by many factors, not only related to the cost of fuel, but also related to the technical parameters of the boiler body, boiler supporting equipment, energy saving equipment and other factors. ZOZEN boiler factory has been improving the manufacturing level and manufacturing process for more than 30 years since its establishment to ensure that every boiler delivered to customers is a high quality product. Welcome to contact online customer service, email zhulin@zozen.com and WhatsApp +86-13506151292 directly for consultation, ZOZEN’s sales engineers will customize the boiler system solution and quotation for free according to the boiler parameters you provide.

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