5 Ton Biogas Boiler Price in Bangladesh

February 17, 2023

At present, in the market of oil gas steam boiler industry, fuel biogas is a clean energy, which is involved in many fields of heating water, heating, steam supply and power supply.ZOZEN biogas boiler and natural gas boiler are the same furnace type; there is WNS biogas boiler, SZS biogas steam boiler two categories. 5 ton biogas boiler usually uses WNS furnace type, the boiler product input cost is low, is the industrial boiler performance, cost are low economic and environmental protection boiler.

ZOZEN WNS series biogas fired boiler

ZOZEN WNS series biogas fired boiler

Biogas boiler price needs to be determined according to the specific requirements of customers. Industrial boiler belongs to special industrial equipment, there is a full set of boiler equipment quotation, boiler body quotation, and boiler auxiliary machine quotation, which means that different, needs, and there are different prices. Therefore, when customers consult us, describe their needs in as much detail as possible, and our engineers will customize the boiler system and accurate quotation for you.

WNS series oil and gas boiler capacity from 1 ton to 20 tons, with its compact structure, small volume, high degree of automation, easy installation, safe and reliable operation, fuel oil and gas combustion is sufficient, less harmful gases generated by the advantages of widely praised. WNS type oil gas boiler has the advantages of full combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation and convenient installation. This type of boiler has high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation. It is an ideal green environmental protection product with high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution.

WNS Biogas Boiler in Chemical Industry

JMC has ordered a safe and efficient WNS series gas steam boiler to be used as heating equipment in the glyphosate production line, providing a solid source of heat for the company to continue increasing production efficiency. As the star product of ZOZEN boilers, WNS series gas steam boilers have excellent product quality and excellent product performance. This type of boiler adopts large diameter corrugated furnace and ZOZEN independent research and development of threaded smoke pipe, with advanced low nitrogen combustion technology, can increase the heating surface of the boiler, improve the heat transfer efficiency, while inhibiting the generation of NOx. In addition, ZOZEN WNS series boilers also use high quality aluminum silicate fiber and refractory mud insulation, the furnace temperature is controlled below 45℃, effectively reduce heat loss, so that the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler up to 98%. Finally, the advanced production technology and strict quality control system of ZOZEN Boiler ensure the safety of WNS series gas boilers from the source, so that users can use without worries.

shipment of ZOZEN gas fired boiler

shipment of ZOZEN gas fired boiler

Different industries have different demands for boilers. In addition to the chemical industry, our biogas boilers have successful cases in the food industry, feed industry, textile industry and printing and dyeing industry. After knowing the customer’s demand, our engineers will customize the boiler system solution for the customer’s production line free of charge. Welcome to contact us.

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