4 Ton hr Steam Boiler Plant for Sale

March 11, 2020

Gas steam boilers are widely used in various industries due to their advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving, high thermal efficiency, and easy operation. Everyone knows that if there is a shortage of water during the operation of the boiler, it will affect the normal use of the boiler in light, and it may cause an explosion in the heavy. Therefore, it is very important to understand the water consumption of steam boilers per hour. Today, let’s take a 4-ton gas-fired steam boiler as an example to tell you how much water the boiler consumes per hour.


2020 4 ton steam boiler


Under normal circumstances, the water consumption of the boiler is generally the sum of the evaporation, the loss of boiler drainage and the loss of steam and water in the pipeline. Among them, the boiler sewage volume is related to the quality of the feed water, which is generally 1% -5%. The soda loss in the pipeline is generally 3%. According to this calculation, the water consumption per hour of a 4 ton steam boiler = 4t + 4 * 5% (the sewage discharge is calculated as 5%) + 4t * 3%, and the total is 4.32t water.


4 ton gas boiler


Advantages of 4-ton gas boiler:

1. 4-ton gas-fired steam boiler adopts ultra-fine glass wool with high thermal insulation performance, which has less heat loss.

2. The thermal efficiency is as high as 85% or more. A ripple furnace with a good expansion performance and a conical furnace are adopted. The size of the furnace is consistent with the flame, and the area of flue gas flow is reduced in order to allow the flue gas to flow at a constant speed. The heat exchange time of the high-temperature flue gas in the furnace is guaranteed to achieve good heat transfer results.

3. Adopt a horizontal three-return wet back structure to improve the boiler operation and increase the efficiency and service life of the boiler. In terms of external structural design, all the flue gas channels are placed in the water, and the tail is equipped with a waste heat tank and a satisfactory thermal insulation outsourcing design. The smoke box is sealed with a labyrinth structure to prevent the smoke box from leaking.

4. Adopt an intelligent energy-saving control system to control the boiler and gas supply system, and adjust the fuel supply in combination with the off-load to increase energy efficiency.

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