4 – 35 Tons Biomass Straw Burning Boiler Price

July 26, 2022

4 tons to 35 tons biomass straw burning boiler is a new environmentally friendly and energy-saving boiler produced by ZOZEN. This biomass fired boiler is loved by various small and medium-sized processing and production enterprises, and this series biomass straw burning boiler price is a very cost-effective boiler product. ZOZEN focuses on the research and development of biomass boiler system, constantly improving the production technology and optimizing the boiler system to help enterprises effectively save boiler operating costs.

SZL series biomass fired steam boiler

SZL series biomass fired steam boiler

In recent years, ZOZEN, as a 15 ton biomass boiler supplier in Papua New Guinea paper mill project, has customized a professional steam boiler product for paper mill from the analysis of the whole paper production line characteristics. As we all know, steam boiler is the main heating equipment in paper production process such as concentration, bleaching, drying, etc. Pom Packaging Company is a large manufacturing plant with more than 20 years of producing various packaging cartons and paper boxes in Papua New Guinea. Therefore, Pom Packaging urgently needs to purchase more than one steam boiler with stable performance to meet the production.

The paper mill customer put forward specific demands for fuel during the preliminary communication, using wood chips and shredded wood as boiler fuel. Due to the high moisture and low calorific value of wood chips and shredded wood, it is easy to have low fuel combustion efficiency, caked ash and wear, etc. The ZOZEN technical team had in-depth communication with the purchasing manager of the paper mill and effectively solved these problems by optimizing the boiler structure. Pom Packaging gave full recognition to the expertise of ZOZEN Boiler in biomass boilers and decided to purchase several 15 tph SZL series biomass steam boilers from ZOZEN Boiler Factory.

biomass chain grate boiler

biomass chain grate boiler

Through technical innovation and breakthrough, the biomass boiler produced by ZOZEN can optimize the design of feeding hopper, grate width and length, grate reducer speed, ratio of primary and secondary air, position and direction of secondary air vent, etc. according to the characteristics of different fuels to ensure sufficient power output, high thermal efficiency and stable operation of the boiler. This boiler adopts a large furnace volume structure, which can promote the fuel to burn fully and effectively in the furnace chamber.

SZL series biomass steam boiler is an assembly boiler, including the boiler body and chain grate two major components factory, easy to install and move, assembled boiler transported to the enterprise project site, the two major components combined, masonry upper and lower furnace wall, installed slag machine, fans and other auxiliary systems and flue duct, and connected to water and electricity can be run, easy to install, short cycle. ZOZEN has accumulated 15,580 successful cases, and has rich experience in the production of steam supply in various industries, please contact our online customer service, email or WhatsApp for more case information.

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