3 Pass Horizontal Gas Oil Boiler in Ethiopia

December 21, 2020

3 pass horizontal gas oil boiler is stable heating equipment in the production process of enterprises. As the fuel used in boilers is clean energy with high thermal efficiency and low nitrogen emission, they are widely used in food industry, chemical industry, packaging industry, paper industry and so on. ZOZEN designs and produces oil-fired and gas-fired boilers in both the WNS and SZS series, with capacities ranging from 1 ton to 110 tons, suitable for different industrial applications.

3 pass horizontal gas oil boiler

3 pass horizontal gas oil boiler

WNS series horizontal boiler, as a kind of oil-fired and gas-fired boiler, is widely praised for its advantages such as compact structure, small volume, high degree of automation, convenient installation, safe and reliable operation, full combustion of oil-gas fuel and less harmful gas generated, etc. WNS fuel oil and gas boiler has the advantages of full combustion, no pollution of emission, convenient operation and easy installation. This type of boiler has high thermal efficiency, large output, and strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe operation and reliable operation. It is an ideal environmental protection product with high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution.

WNS Series Low Nitrogen Gas Boiler Advantage

  1. Ultra-low emission: fractional combustion technology + flue gas recycling technology outside the furnace, NOx emission is lower than 30mg.
  2. High thermal efficiency: adopting new combustion technology and equipped with condenser, the thermal efficiency is up to 98%.
  3. Cost savings: Save nearly 10% on natural gas fuel.
  4. Safety and stability: A variety of intelligent early warning functions to ensure the stable operation of the boiler.


The heating area of the heating company is about 19 million square meters. In order to ensure the heating effect, ZOZEN environment-friendly gas-fired hot water boiler, which can be fully automated, was purchased to meet the requirements of central heating and ensure the flue gas discharge to meet the standard. After in-depth understanding of the actual heating requirements of this project, ZOZEN boiler tailor-made a complete set of boiler system including a number of WNS series gas-fired hot water boilers. This series of gas-fired boilers adopt full ripple furnace biliary, which not only increases the strength and elasticity of the furnace biliary, but also enhances the flue gas disturbance and effectively improves the heat transfer effect. The screw pipe with advanced manufacturing technology can absorb flame energy effectively through continuous optimization, and the heat transfer coefficient is 1.2 times higher than that of ordinary pipe. At the same time, with the addition of finned tube condenser at the end of the flue, while reducing the exhaust temperature, the boiler thermal efficiency can be up to more than 98%. According to the energy efficiency test of thermal energy testing center, the performance indexes of WNS series gas-fired boilers are all higher than the design requirements and have reached the advanced level at home and abroad.

wns gas-fired boiler

wns gas-fired boiler

ZOZEN horizontal gas oil boiler products are exported to 100 countries and regions, our customers come from the United States, Pakistan, Britain, France, Nigeria, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Malaysia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Philippines and other countries. If you want to know more about our projects, please feel free to contact us.

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