2ton Boiler in Sri Lanka

September 4, 2020

With the increase of environmental protection, gas fired boiler is widely used as a kind of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection product. The thermal efficiency and operation cost of gas fired boilers are the priority for many customers. As industrial equipment, the higher the boiler thermal efficiency is, the lower the boiler operating cost will be. 2ton boiler is a conventional boiler, widely used in industrial production, such as chemical industry, food industry, building materials industry, paper factory, packaging factory, clothing and textile factory, printing and dyeing factory, hospital, school, hotel, government offices, greenhouses, cannery, winery, coating factory, swimming pool, water washing factory, etc.

2 ton boiler for sale

2 ton boiler for sale

2 tons steam boiler advantages

  1. High efficiency, high performance.
  2. High reliability and low cost of repair.
  3. Packaged boiler, fast, time-saving, compact structure, small footprint.
  4. Naturally positive circulatory pattern
  5. Manholes provided at the ends of each drum for maintenance to observe combustion status.


ZOZEN 2 tons steam boiler in Sri Lanka include WNS oil and gas fired boiler, SZS oil and gas boiler, DZL packaged chain grate boiler, waste heat boiler and so on. WNS series steam boiler is a kind of horizontal fire tube fuel gas steam boiler, the combustion chamber is surrounded by interlayer water jacket, decorate in the upper chamber dense fire tube, and is equipped with advanced burner, micro positive pressure inside the chamber of a stove or furnace during burning, the fuel in the combustion chamber full burning, high temperature flue gas into the exothermic intensive fire tube to continue, and then assemble the smoke chamber further exothermic, through the chimney into the atmosphere.

10 ton wns gas steam boiler

10 ton wns gas steam boiler


Gas boiler produced by ZOZEN has outstanding advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection: thermal efficiency can be as high as 98% and nitrogen oxide emission can be as low as 30mg. WNS series 2ton boiler adopt large diameter corrugated furnace bile, with screw pipe of efficient heat transfer element, effectively improve thermal efficiency; And in the end of the boiler with condenser, energy saving device and other related equipment, smoke exhaust temperature can be reduced to 60 degrees, can actually save some fuel costs for the enterprise. At the same time, this series of gas-fired boilers have the characteristics of full automatic operation, which not only improves the reliability of operation, but also reduces the working pressure of operation and maintenance personnel.


We’ve customized millions of aggregate production solutions and equipment for customers all over the world. These benefits from our excellent quality and the full life cycle service we offer from pre-sale consultation, solution design, equipment manufacture, erection instruction, spare parts supply to the production line operation. ZOZEN has become a trustable brand for the customers in the aggregate industry. When you want to purchase industrial boilers, it is important to choose select reliable brand and recognized quality, welcome to ZOZEN Boiler for a visit.


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