1400KW Industrial Biomass Fired Boiler

August 5, 2022

Industrial biomass boilers use corn straw, wheat straw, cotton stalks, rice straw, rice husk, peanut shells, corn cobs, tree branches, wood chips, wood chips, palm shells and other crops as fuel, using such renewable resources as fuel can effectively reduce fuel costs. ZOZEN’s biomass boilers are safe and reliable, and are suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized production and processing enterprises.

ZOZEN’s DZL series water fire tube boilers are single pot longitudinal chain grate boilers, which can burn pure coal or mixed coal and biomass fuel. DZL series biomass boilers are equipped with coal saver at the end, mechanical ventilation by blower and induced draft fan, and mechanical slag discharge by spiral slag dispenser, and the discharged ash and slag can be used directly as agricultural fertilizer, which is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly product.

DZL series industrial biomass fired boiler

DZL series industrial biomass fired boiler

The biomass boiler is composed of three major parts, including the boiler body, chain grate and the dust removal and energy saving system at the end. The DZL steam boiler is compact and easy to install, and the high boiler efficiency and low emissions also reduce operating costs and pollution emissions. In the manufacturing process, ZOZEN adopts pre-expansion of the flue tube and tube plate to eliminate the gap between them, and then adopts the welding process of argon-arc automatic welding to effectively eliminate stress and prolong the service life of the boiler.

Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC, a juice producer, needed a high quality industrial boiler that would provide a continuous supply of high temperature steam for the sterilization and disinfection process. As a professional industrial boilers manufacturer, ZOZEN’s production capabilities and comprehensive service have gained the customer’s trust.

biomass fuel chain grate boiler

biomass fuel chain grate boiler

According to the actual use requirements of the juice food factory production line, ZOZEN engineers customized the DZL series chain grate system solution for the customer. This 1400kw biomass steam boiler has sufficient heating surface, including convection heating surface formed by the threaded flue tube and radiation heating surface formed by the drum-shaped water-cooled wall on both sides, with a thermal efficiency of over 82%. This boiler has a compact structure, which can effectively save the boiler room infrastructure construction cost. If you need more information about the project or are interested in ZOZEN’s boiler products, please feel free to click online customer service, email and WhatsApp for inquiries.

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