1400KW Coal-fired Thermal Oil Heater in Kenya

December 11, 2020

Coal-fired thermal oil heater takes various types of coal as fuel and hot oil as heat carrier. It uses a circulating oil pump to force the liquid phase to circulate the heat energy to the thermal equipment, and then returns to the reheated special type industrial boiler products. This boiler has high working temperature under low pressure, and can carry on high precision control work to the medium operation, the system heat utilization ratio is high, the operation maintenance is convenient, is a kind of safe, high efficiency, energy saving ideal heating equipment of first choice.

coal-fired thermal oil heater

coal-fired thermal oil heater

Coal fired thermal oil furnace is a new type of horizontal thermal fluid heater, which is arranged in the furnace chamber with a dense discharge radiation heat pipe. The left and right sides of the furnace are equipped with dense convective tube bundles. The boiler adopts light chain grate to realize mechanical coal feeding, equipped with blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with scraper type slag discharge machine to realize automatic slag discharge. Furnace arch before and after using new energy saving technology of furnace arch of fuel from coal scuttle land on fire grate, after entering the combustion chamber of a stove or furnace, after the flame through the arch upward by refraction ontology on both sides of the combustion chamber to fold to go to the state before the cigarette box, again by the former smoke box back into the pot, through smoke box after entering the economizer, and the induced draft fan northwards through the flue to the chimney into the atmosphere.

Advantage of Coal-fired Thermal Oil Boiler

  1. The form of heat carrier boiler can be divided into “vertical” and “horizontal”. Users can choose different furnace types according to site requirements and actual use requirements;
  2. Automatic welding, rolling, assembly and hydrostatic test production lines can fully ensure that the quality of pipe butt, assembly accuracy and sealing fully meet the design requirements in the production process, and ensure that each type of boiler is a high-quality product.
  3. The outsourcing of stainless steel film packaging, to prevent the process of transportation, installation may cause damage to the outsourcing.
  4. Supporting equipment at the end of the furnace includes waste heat boiler, energy saving device, air preheater, steam generator, heat conduction oil and flue gas integrated waste heat boiler, etc. Guest rooms can choose appropriate supporting equipment according to their own process characteristics.
  5. Complete safety accessories, the furnace body and the inlet and outlet pipelines are designed and installed with all necessary safety devices, such as temperature measurement, pressure measurement, nitrogen filling, etc., and special procedures for oil boiling are designed in the control program to ensure the safety of use.
ylw coal-fired thermal oil boiler

ylw coal-fired thermal oil boiler

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