12 Million Kcal Gas Fuel Thermal Oil Boiler for Sale

April 6, 2022

ZOZEN Boiler is a thermal oil boiler supplier with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience. More than 100 customers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Tunisia and other regions have chosen ZOZEN as a partner for industrial production heating equipment, and in these completed projects customers have given high praise to ZOZEN’s comprehensive service and professional technical level.

12 million kcal gas thermal oil boiler

12 million kcal gas thermal oil boiler

Gas fired thermal oil boiler adopts heat collecting combustion structure, which replaces the boiler burning structure of the traditional steam cabinet, because of the compact heat collecting combustion structure. Fuel combustion is efficient. The stainless steel material used in the water tank is fast in heat conduction and stale. The thermal insulation measures adopted outside make the water tank reach the vaporization temperature within a short time, and the outlet steam temperature is 110 degrees. The automatic water inlet device continuously infuses water and vaporizes. It can save 40%~60% energy compared with traditional boiler structure under the same condition. The whole machine is equipped with automatic control lines, including water pressure, air pressure, gas, water inlet in the process of any abnormal, the machine automatically cut off the gas inlet valve. Thus reflects the product energy saving, power saving, convenient, fast function, for the enterprise to effectively save the cost of fuel.

Advantages of Natural Gas Thermal Oil Furnace

  1. The gas heat conduction oil furnace is a liquid phase circulating heating system with no condensing heat loss and high thermal efficiency.
  2. Thermal oil boiler is different from steam boiler or hot water boiler, its outstanding advantages are to obtain low pressure high temperature hot medium, uniform heating, convenient regulation, can meet the process temperature.
  3. There are technical measures in the system to compensate the volume changes caused by the heat transfer and temperature rise and fall of the thermal oil medium.
  4. Technical measures to strictly control air, water and other low volatile content in working medium shall be taken before circulating heating.
gas fuel thermal oil heater in food plant

3.6 million kcal thermal oil heater

Gas fired Thermic Fluid Heater in Food Industry
In the food industry, steam boiler is one of the indispensable production line equipment for plant extraction. Food enterprises are committed to the production of healthy natural products, therefore, the enterprise attaches great importance to its own green development, in the choice of boiler equipment also adhere to the concept of environmental protection, and plan to buy clean energy natural gas as fuel of environmental protection boiler.

ZOZEN boiler after knowing the actual needs of customers, customize the new energy-saving environmental protection YQW series thermal oil boiler, this series has the characteristics of high temperature and low pressure gas heat conduction oil boiler, in the process of plant extract, using high temperature with the sterilization process of plant concentrate, fully meet the requirements of temperature on food production line; Moreover, the end of the furnace is also equipped with waste heat recovery device. Through the recovery and utilization of waste heat of high-temperature flue gas, the loss of heat energy is greatly reduced and the comprehensive thermal efficiency of the boiler is improved to more than 95%.

As one of the powerful industrial thermal Boiler producers, Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler can design, produce and export more than 400 different types of oil-fired and gas boilers, thermal oil boilers, biomass and coal boilers. If you are looking for an energy efficient boiler product, please contact us.

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