1000kg Steam Boiler Burner for LPG Gas

June 9, 2022

The 1000kg gas steam boiler is designed as a horizontal internal combustion three-return full wet-back boiler using a corrugated furnace liner with good thermal expansion, scientific design and reasonable layout, which can further improve the heating of water in the boiler and further improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. ZOZEN produces industrial steam boilers burner for LPG gas model is WNS, quick release boiler structure is easy to transport and install, widely used in small and medium-sized industrial production.

1000kg lpg gas fired boiler

1000kg lpg gas fired boiler

The combustion space of 1 ton fire tube boiler furnace is larger, which can make full use of radiation heat exchange and equipped with imported burner, which can make the fuel get full combustion and reduce the content of nitrogen oxide emission in the exhaust gas of the boiler and reduce the harmful components, which meets the environmental protection standard and is an environmentally friendly boiler product.

The gas steam boiler adopts an intelligent electric control cabinet with LCD display and virtual keys, which can control the gas steam boiler as a whole through the electric control cabinet and get rid of the manual work, saving time and effort and making the operation easy. The 1 ton gas steam boiler is equipped with movable smoke box doors at the front and rear, and the back is opened with fire-viewing and inspection holes, which is convenient for the maintenance of the boiler and facilitates the repair and maintenance of the product.

MAYMON power plant construction project construction needs, among many boiler brands, selected ZOZEN as power plant industrial boiler supplier, ordered a 1000kg gas boiler as the power plant start-up boiler.

wns seris oil gas steam boiler

wns seris oil gas steam boiler

The power plant starter boiler is mainly to prepare for the power plant boiler startup and play the role of deaerating and preheating. ZOZEN Boiler provides the best-selling model WNS series oil and gas steam boiler for Qinshi Power. The boiler used in AL MAYMON power plant in Iraq has a capacity of 1tph, a working pressure of 0.7Mpa, and is fueled by LPG. ZOZEN’s oil and gas steam boiler adopts fully automatic intelligent control system, and the boiler control cabinet is equipped with advanced IOT module, which can realize remote monitoring and communication.

As an industrial steam boilers manufacturer and exporter, ZOZEN Boiler was established more than 30 years ago to enhance the strength of the company to provide customers with high quality boiler products and services. “U” (Pressure Vessel) license stamp. If you have any boiler needs, please contact us directly through online inquiry, email zhulin@zozen.com, WhatsApp +86-13506151292, etc.

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