Thermal Oil Heater Price in Vietnam

November 10, 2020

Thermal oil heater is an industrial boiler with low pressure and high temperature. It heats oil through the combustion of fuel and uses circulating pump to circulate the thermal oil in liquid phase so as to transfer heat to the thermal equipment. Compared with the traditional steam boiler, it has certain safety. Thermal oil boiler is a popular type of boiler in the heating market at present. Due to its clean and environmental protection characteristics, it is widely used in chemical, biological, paper, food and other industries.

4000KW YLW thermal oil heater

4000KW YLW thermal oil heater

First of all, after full combustion in the combustion chamber, most of the heat is absorbed by the radiant heating surface, the high-temperature flue gas enters the convective heating surface for heat transfer, and after it leaves the boiler, the air needed for boiler combustion is heated in the air preheater, and then the flue gas is sent to the chimney and discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector by the induced draft fan. A circulating oil pump is used to force the liquid phase to circulate the heat energy to the heat equipment, and then the heat energy is returned to the reheated special type industrial boiler. The fuel of the heat-conducting oil furnace is coal, heavy oil, light oil, combustible gas and other combustible materials, and the heat-conducting oil is the heat carrier to transfer heat. Thermal oil furnace has the characteristics of low pressure and high temperature, the heating temperature can reach 340℃ in liquid phase or 400℃ in vapor phase.

YLW series boiler is a thermal oil furnace for burning coal or biomass. It is a horizontal assembly boiler with chain grate and boiler body separated from each other. The boiler adopts chain grate to realize mechanical coal feeding, equipped with drum and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with slag discharge machine to realize mechanical slag discharge. Runtime fuel from coal hopper fall on combustion, after high temperature flue gas passes through the arch reflection before entering to the furnace hearth, after radiation heating surface radiation heat transfer in the convective heating surface for convective heat transfer, and then leads to the waste heat boiler, again into the air preheater, finally into the dust, dust removal after northwards by induced draft fan through the chimney flue gas into the atmosphere.

YQW series oil/gas thermic fluid heater is equipped with advanced combustion equipment and boiler operation is fully automated. The boiler leaves the factory as a whole, after the site is in place; only need to connect ventilation (oil) electricity can be put into operation. The heating surface of the boiler includes four parts: the radiation heating surface of the furnace, the heating surface of the first convective tube, the heating surface of the second convective tube, and the energy saver (waste heat boiler). The boiler’s thermal efficiency is as high as 95% and NOx emission is lower than 30mg/Nm3.

2400KW YQW thermal oil boiler

2400KW YQW thermal oil boiler

Thermal oil heater price is affected by many factors, such as the size of boiler tonnage, thermal efficiency, auxiliary equipment, boiler brand and production process, etc., and the specific quotation can only be given after users determine the evaporation capacity, model, brand, thermal efficiency and other factors of the heat-conducting oil boiler according to their own needs. Thermal fluid heaters produced by ZOZEN include YLW series, YQW series and YQL series. These three kinds of thermal oil boilers make use of the properties of heat-conducting oil to achieve low-pressure high-temperature heating with remarkable energy saving effect and low operating cost.

Industrial boiler belongs to a kind of special equipment, in the process of purchasing a boiler; we should choose a professional boiler manufacturer with strength. Starting with customer requirements, ZOZEN’s professional engineers provide in-depth analysis of customer requirements and provide the most suitable complete design solution and boiler system configuration. 7*24 hours online customer service staff to customers at any time to answer professional questions guidance.

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