RYQ Series Molten Salt Heater

December 13, 2019
RYQ series molten salt heater
Capacity: 1200 – 35000 KW
Pressure: 0.8 – 1.6 Mpa
Temperature: 450 °C
Fuel: Bituminous coal, heavy oil, light oil, diesel, natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas
Industries: Chemical, fertilizer, melamine, alumina and other high temperature heating technology

Product Description

RYQ series molten salt heater can be used in chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, melamine, alumina and other high temperature heating technology, it takes molten potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite as heating medium.Normal medium operating temperature 400-550℃, the highest operating temperature up to 600℃.The molten salt heater will melt the hot powder salt to the melting point of the molten salt until the viscosity allows the circulating pump to work, the whole system under circulating conditions, and then feed it to the hydrothermal heater for further circulating temperature rise for it to be recycled for use.

Technical Advantages
Efficient Environmental Protection

The heat transfer efficiency is twice that of other hydrothermal heaters.High temperature can be reached under low pressure, and the highest temperature can reach 600℃.

Stable Performance

Stable heating temperature, accurate adjustment, high thermal efficiency.Good heat resistance.Operational control and safety testing equipment.