Horizontal Steam Boiler in Food Industry

December 18, 2019

Steam boiler is widely used and plays an important role in production and life. Boilers are widely used, industrial and civil. Industrial boilers are generally used in manufacturing enterprises, washing and ironing industries, packaging machinery industries, biochemical industries, food machinery industries and other industries.


WNS horizontal Steam Boiler in food industry

Food industry USES a lot of machinery, steam demand is very big, steam boiler has become a lot of food factory equipment, the weight of a good steam boiler is not important, we can see from the biscuit drying.

Many people like to eat cookies, cookies taste is compared commonly fragrant crisp delicious, some people also like making cookies at home, but sometimes make biscuits crisp enough, very soft, especially when manufacturers in the production if you encounter this kind of situation, the loss is very serious, so how to use steam boiler to dry bulk biscuits?


food industry WNS horizontal Steam Boiler


We know that different types of cookies on the baking temperature and time requirements are different, so in the process of drying temperature and time are also different, it’s the requirement of temperature is higher, if the temperature is too high or too long, cookies will be excessive drying, lead to qualitative change, ZOZEN horizontal steam boiler can be multi-position adjustment, accurate temperature control, thus in the process of drying just want regular attention degree of baking cookies, such ability is very good to control quality of biscuit.

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