Factory Price Coal Fired CFB Boiler

April 11, 2022

The new combustion technology of circulating fluidized bed boiler with high efficiency and low pollution makes it a high quality product of environment-friendly boiler, which is favored by users in various industries. ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. as a large boiler manufacturer in China, focuses on the research and design of low emission circulating fluidized bed boiler, and takes the lead in increasing the technical reserve in the field of low emission boiler through information technology. At present, many famous enterprises have reached friendly cooperation with ZOZEN boilers, and the circulating fluidized bed boilers made by ZOZEN are in stable operation and the emissions are in full compliance with the strict standards.

Factory price coal fired CFB boiler includes the price of boiler body, quotation of complete set of equipment, installation fee, transportation fee, tax included, tax excluded, shipping to port fee, etc. Boiler body price and boiler full set price are not the same, boiler body is the main part of a boiler, auxiliary part is not included. The price of the full set, the main part plus the auxiliary part, needs to be decided according to the actual boiler requirements consulted by the customer.

shx series coal fired cfb boiler

shx series coal fired cfb boiler

The most important structural feature of fluidized bed boiler is the material circulation system, which consists of air distribution device, combustion chamber, gas-solid separator, return device, ignition device and other equipment. The combustion chamber, separator and return device are called the three core components of circulating fluidized bed boiler, and constitute the particle circulation circuit of circulating fluidized bed boiler, which is the distinctive feature of its structure from other boilers and is the unique system of circulating fluidized bed boiler.

Qinghai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a company that opens PVC products and requires a lot of steam in the production of PVC, which consumes a lot of fuel costs every year. The head of the chemical plant learned through multiple consultations that ZOZEN has rich service experience and successful projects in the chemical industry, so he contacted ZOZEN’s sales manager to discuss the boiler system plan in detail, and finally ZOZEN purchased two sets of SHX series 35t/h CFB steam boilers. This model boiler has evaporation capacity of 10~75T/h, steam pressure of 1.25~2.5MPa, steam temperature of 194~225℃, and wide fuel adaptability and high combustion efficiency. It can not only reduce the fuel consumption cost for chemical enterprises, but also significantly reduce the annual electricity consumption, and the energy-saving effect is very significant.

35tph circulating fluidized bed steam boiler

35tph circulating fluidized bed steam boiler

Energy saving and environmental protection is a factor that directly affects the operating costs and expenses that enterprises are very concerned about in the overall project. The coal consumption of circulating fluidized bed boilers is affected by different coal types and different combustion efficiencies, and fluidized bed boilers generally burn poor quality coal, and the calorific value of poor quality coal is between 18000KJ/kg — 23000KJ/kg. The coal consumption of fluidized bed boiler can be obtained by a calculation formula as follows: boiler coal consumption = boiler power * 3600/heat of coal combustion/boiler efficiency. The actual fuel consumption needs to be calculated specifically according to the type of coal used.ZOZEN Boiler can customize boiler system solutions for customers according to their actual boiler usage requirements, you can always contact us for consultation via live chat, email zhulin@zozen.com, WhatsApp +86-13506151292, Facebook, etc.

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