Cost of Superheater Compiled Boiler

May 15, 2020

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, the quality and temperature of steam used by some factories and mines are getting higher and higher. Saturated steam boilers are not enough to meet production needs, so how to obtain higher steam on a certain basis? First, we must choose the superheated steam boiler as a new type of steam heating equipment.


In the actual production and application fields, whether it is in papermaking, chemical industry, food, rubber, building materials, textile industry, it will use a temperature of about 200 ° -400 °, and this temperature has exceeded the limit of the steam temperature in the saturated state. At this temperature, the boiler pressure must reach about 20-30 kg, so the cost of boilers and steam pipes must be increased, which brings certain pressure to the economy of the enterprise, and there are also uncertain high-pressure safety hazards.


szs superheater steam boiler 1 ton


The superheated steam boiler is generally equipped with an SZS type structure because of the addition of a superheater inside the boiler. The function is to heat the saturated steam coming from the drum into superheated steam with a certain temperature. And then enter the tail flue. One of the heated surfaces in the tail flue is an energy saver. It consists of a finned tube with excellent heat dissipation effect. Its function is to make the feed water preheat before entering the pot and reduce the exhaust temperature. The other rear heating surface is an air preheater. Its function is to make the air heated to a certain temperature before entering the furnace, so as to improve combustion and further reduce the temperature of exhaust gas, and improve the efficiency of the boiler.


What is the operating cost of a 1 ton gas steam boiler?

Taken together, the operating costs of gas-fired steam boilers include fuel, water, electricity, labor, and maintenance.

1. Gas cost

The rated steam output of a 1 ton gas steam boiler is 1 ton / hour. The thermal efficiency of the gas boiler introduced by ZOZEN boiler manufacturers can reach 98%. The fuel consumption of the boiler is only 70 cubic meters per hour. The price of natural gas on the market is now 3.5 yuan / Cubic calculation (the price fluctuates slightly). Gas cost: 1 × 70 × 3.5 = 245 yuan / hour.


2. Water cost

A 1 ton gas steam boiler can convert 1 ton of water into 1 ton of steam for one hour of operation. In the middle, due to the need for sewage and softened water treatment, normal use of a boiler to produce 1 ton of steam requires about 1.1 tons of water, floating around 3 yuan / ton. Water cost: 1.1 × 3 = 3.3 yuan / hour.


3. Electricity cost

The main electricity consumption of 1 ton gas steam boiler is burner and water pump, and the others are mostly weak electricity. The power used by the burner is 1.5KW, the power used by the water pump is 1.4KW, and the power used by other weak currents is about 1KW. In the normal use process of the boiler, the power consumption is 0.65 times of the full load power, and the calculated total power consumption is (1.5KW + 1.4KW + 1KW) × 0.65 = 2.535KW. It is calculated according to the electricity fee of 1 yuan / degree. Electricity cost: 2.535 × 1 = 2.535 yuan / hour.


4. Labor cost

The gas boiler that ZOZEN Boiler puts on the market is fully automatic and highly intelligent boiler equipment. It only needs to be inspected by the coal workers of the furnace, and no high-intensity work such as manual fuel addition is required. According to the salary of 3,000 yuan / month, the stove workers work 12 hours a day and two shifts. Labor cost: 3000 × 2 person-times / 30 days / 24 hours = 8.33 yuan / hour.


5. Maintenance cost

ZOZEN WNS model gas boilers and SZS model gas boilers have undergone a full range of flaw detection and quenching treatment before leaving the factory. The failure rate is extremely low, and the boiler maintenance cost is also reduced. If it is a 1 ton gas steam boiler, the maintenance cost is only about 2000 a year. Calculated according to the use time of 8 hours a day and 365 days a year, the operating cost per hour of the boiler is: 2000/365/8 = 0.68 yuan.


Combining the above five aspects of cost investment, the hourly operating cost of 1 ton gas boiler can be summarized: 245 yuan / hour + 3.3 yuan / hour + 2.535 yuan / hour + 8.33 yuan / hour + 0.68 yuan / hour = 259.845 yuan / hour.

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