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April 1, 2022

ZOZEN Boiler is an industrial boiler manufacturing company with Class A boiler qualification. We can provide more than 400 kinds of high quality, high efficiency and environmental friendly steam boilers and hot water boilers for industrial industry production. The 10 ton boiler produces 10 tons of steam per hour and can meet the production process of large and medium-sized production enterprises in chemical, building materials, food, pharmaceutical, paper, textile, printing and dyeing, water washing, central heating and other industries.

szs horizontal gas boilers

szs horizontal gas boilers

Oil and gas boilers are one of the most typical environmentally friendly boiler products from ZOZEN. The highly automated operating system can dynamically adjust the boiler operation according to the enterprise production line. Usually, gas steam boiler includes boiler body outside and its supporting auxiliary equipment, such as: burners, safety accessories, safety instruments and other auxiliary equipment, which can be provided by ZOZEN boiler factory’s carefully selected supporting manufacturers. ZOZEN can produce 10 ton water tube boiler models such as SZS10-1.25-Y(Q), SZS10-2.5-Y(Q), SZS10-1.6-Y(Q) and so on. These different pressure design different model types, their size and weight are determined by the boiler model, customers should purchase boilers according to the actual use requirements when buying industrial boiler products.

This SZS series oil gas boiler adopts threaded flue pipe with relatively low flow rate, which can ensure sufficient heat transfer and control lower flue gas resistance, low power consumption and large load regulation ratio, and can improve the heat transfer coefficient by 1.8 times. Each manufacturing process of boiler production is strictly inspected, and the main welding seams are 100% ray-proofed to ensure the safety and reliability of boiler operation, and users can use it with confidence.

gas-fired steam boiler

gas-fired steam boiler

The 10 tph boiler provides stable steam for the fireproof board production line, so the customer attaches great importance to the operational stability of this industrial steam boiler. Combining the customer’s requirements and the actual steam consumption of the production line, the SZS series 10 ton gas fired steam boiler system is customized. The main body of this boiler is of integral structure, with the burner assembled on the front flue box cover, and the main body is mainly arranged with the heating surface and combustion chamber. This boiler adopts fully automatic control and has good adaptability to the burner. It adopts the original imported burner with reliable performance and high degree of automation.

Before leaving the factory, ZOZEN Boiler will conduct a hydraulic test on the boiler to check the strength and tightness of each pressure-bearing part of the SZS series boiler to ensure the quality of the boiler. After this 10 ton steam boiler was transported to the project site to complete the installation, ZOZEN participated in every aspect of the project and fully cooperated with the customer to solve the problem efficiently. The customer was very impressed with ZOZEN’s professional level and comprehensive service, saying that ZOZEN is a strong and trustworthy partner.

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