1000 KW Steam Boiler Prices

July 1, 2022

The 1000 kw steam boiler prices reasonably and is equipped with energy saving devices and advanced burners to achieve ultra-low emissions of exhaust gases and waste, and reduce fuel consumption. Energy saving makes the boiler a very popular industrial boiler in the market, widely used in food processing, glass processing, distilleries, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, schools, hotels heating and other types of industrial production and heating industries.

Gas steam boilers are industrial steam boiler products that ZOZEN is involved in developing. In pursuit of high quality, ZOZEN has been strictly abiding by national standards and international standards such as ISO and ASME in the production process of the body. WNS series oil  gas boilers adopt wet-backed three-return, fully corrugated furnace gall, threaded flue tube structure, fully submerged arc automatic welding, and the boiler combustion chamber is reasonably designed to fully adapt to various fuels such as gas, natural gas, biogas, light diesel, and heavy oil.

1500kg steam boiler

1500kg steam boiler

Oil gas condensing boilers are one of ZOZEN’s hot products, among which WNS series oil  gas boilers have high thermal efficiency, which can reach over 98%. The whole set of equipment including the main body, auxiliary engines and accessories are made of high quality materials to ensure 100% safe operation and long and stable operation throughout the year. WNS series gas boiler mainly consists of boiler main body, connecting flue, burner, water treatment system, instrument, energy saver, condenser, etc. The application of gas fast boiler is widely used in various industrial production sites and pharmaceutical plants, which effectively improves the efficiency and is easy to operate.

Fully automatic gas boiler adopts threaded flue pipe with relatively low flow rate, which can ensure sufficient heat transfer and control lower flue gas resistance with low power consumption and large load regulation ratio. The main welding seams are 100% ray-proofed to ensure the safety and reliability of boiler operation. This boiler has advanced design performance, the main body of this boiler is of integral structure, the burner is assembled on the front flue box cover, and the main body is mainly arranged with heating surface and combustion chamber part. The boiler adopts fully automatic control and has good adaptability to the burner. It adopts the original imported burner with reliable performance and high degree of automation.

oil gas condensing boiler

oil gas condensing boiler

ZOZEN oil  gas boilers are highly efficient, and we can produce oil  gas boilers with capacities from 1 ton to 110 tons, which are suitable for different industrial production processes. We have 13,350 successful cases, including food industry, feed industry, brewing industry, rubber industry, heating industry, etc. Different industries have different needs for boiler use; our engineers can customize boiler system solutions and quotations according to the actual needs of the project, contact us now via email zhulin@zozen.com, WhatsApp +86-13506151292 or online chat.

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